Child Development

Loyola University Health System developmental and behavioral specialists provide consultation for families and primary care physicians who have concerns about their child's development and behavior.  Our specialists work with families to provide a diagnostic assessment of their child's strengths and challenges as well as ongoing follow-up to maximize their child's potential.  Our specialists work with families, schools and therapists to ensure success for the child at home, in the classroom and in the community. Behavior areas we treat include:

  • Developmental follow-up after premature or other high risk birth
  • Developmental Delay
  • Speech and Language Delays
  • Trouble making friends
  • Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • Learning difficulties
  • Developmental follow-up of complex medical and genetic disorders
  • School problems

Child Development

Lauren Boyd
Lauren Boyd
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics
Attention and School Problems, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Early Childhood Development, Developmental Follow-Up of...

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