William A. and Mary G. Ryan Center for Heart and Vascular Medicine

William G. and Mary A. Ryan, of Hinsdale, Ill., recently illustrated their support for Loyola University Health System’s (Loyola) top-rated cardiovascular program by pledging $5 million to the Center for Heart &Vascular Medicine. Mr. Ryan is a grateful patient of David Wilber, MD, George M. Eisenberg Professor of Cardiovascular Sciences, and director of the division of cardiology and the Cardiovascular Institute. “We have been impressed with the quality of care and the devotion of the medical staff and wanted to contribute to the outstanding program,” said Mr. Ryan.

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A portion of their gift will fund a new imaging and robotic guidance system that will be used for complex cardiac interventions to treat conditions ranging from arrhythmias to heart failure to coronary artery disease.

Another portion of the pledge will be used toward the general construction of the center expansion. In recognition of the gift, the center will be named the William G. & Mary A. Ryan Center for Heart & Vascular Medicine. “The gift from Mr. and Mrs. Ryan will be used for improving our physical facilities and expanding our therapeutic options for a broad spectrum of cardiac problems including atrial fibrillation,” said Dr.Wilber.

After the expansion, patients will have a more formal, convenient entrance and easier access to cardiac testing areas including eight interventional suites for electrophysiologic procedures, cardiac catherization and vascular interventions. Thecenter is just one physical representation of Loyola’s multidisciplinary approach to treatment, bringing our national heart and vascular medicine experts together in one location. The close proximity of specialists, including general cardiologists, interventionalists, electrophysiologists, radiologists and surgeons, allows for collaborative review of patients’ tests, diagnoses and treatment options. The center also will facilitate lifestyle and genetic counseling for family members who are at risk for heart and vascular disease.

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan feel strongly about contributing toward the success of Loyola. “There is no way in the world that hospitals could expand and continue to give patients the very best care without philanthropic giving,” said Mrs. Ryan.

With demand for inpatient and outpatient services growing, Loyola is expanding to not only meet but surpass this current demand. To grow, however, the health system cannot rely solely on reimbursements and revenue. Mr. and Mrs. Ryan’s generous contribution is helping fund the resources needed for Loyola to provide the best, high-quality and innovative health care that patients have come to expect.

“The Ryan gift helped us secure some of the latest technologies to treat cardiac patients. This donation helps solidify our position as a leader in cardiology,” said Dr.Wilber.

The Ryans feel great satisfaction knowing that they are helping other patients with their donation. “We are strongly supportive of the Center for Heart & Vascular Medicine expansion, and pleased with the way Loyola has built the heart and vascular program,” said Mr. Ryan. “We know that Loyola will continue providing superior heart and vascular care for all patients.”

For more information about how to support Loyola University Health System, contact the Office of Development at development@lumc.edu or call (708) 216-3201.

Ryan Family Shows Support for Loyola's Heart and Vascular Program