Dr. Paul Crisostomo, a Vascular surgeon, with WJOL radio

News Archive July 30, 2013

Dr. Paul Crisostomo, a Vascular surgeon, with WJOL radio

Dr. Paul Crisostomo, a Vascular surgeon at Loyola, says the technical aspects and range of people and disease he can treat is what drew him to vascular surgery.

The most common conditions he treats are carotid disease and abdominal aneurysms. He talks about how endovascular treatment helps people recover faster with less pain and fewer scars. He explains that surgeons at an academic medical center like Loyola continue to learn throughout their careers through reading, medical education courses and consults with fellow physicians.

If you don't want to see a vascular surgeon, then don't smoke, he says. It is the biggest risk factor for vascular disease. People often think lung cancer is the most common result of smoking, but actually it is cardiovascular disease.

He talks about how aneurysms have a genetic component, and that men, smokers and advancing age put people at greater risk. He discusses how a stroke can be more debilitating than other conditions, like cardiovascular disease. He also treats peripheral arterial disease (which leads to pain while walking) with stents or a bypass.

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