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Childbirth Preparation Class

Our basic childbirth preparation class will explore the labor and delivery experience. We will cover the relaxation, concentration and breathing techniques that will help you through the labor process. The focus of this class is on childbirth rather than care.

Taught by a certified childbirth educator, the childbirth classes cover:

  • Physical and emotional changes of pregnancy
  • Signs, symptoms and stages of labor
  • Effective breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Recognition and timing of contractions

Other topics covered during the class include:

  • Good nutrition and safe exercises
  • Internal and external methods of monitoring the fetus during labor
  • Medical interventions your doctor may use, including cesarean section delivery
  • Methods of relieving labor pain
  • Effective pushing techniques
  • Use of massage
  • Tips on adjusting to the challenges of caring for an infant

We show films of vaginal and cesarean section deliveries and tour the labor and delivery unit.

This class is recommended during the last trimester of pregnancy. Class fee includes childbirth preparation book.

The cost is $80 per couple. To see when the next class is, visit our events calendar.