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Epilepsy Center and Monitoring Services

The Epilepsy Center and Monitoring Services offers a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to epilepsy and seizure disorders for adults and children as young as 2 years old. Pediatric and adult epileptologist consultation and state-of-the-art neuroimaging and electrodiagnostic technology are utilized to identify and assess complex seizure disorders with short- and long-term monitoring.

The team includes neuropsychologists and social workers who implement noninvasive therapeutic plans and neurosurgeons who perform the latest surgical techniques. The center is staffed by epileptologists who have completed an epilepsy fellowship or are board certified neurologists with secondary board certification in clinical neuropysiology. The center participates in ongoing multicenter clinical trials of drugs.

Diagnostic technologies – such as MRI, PET, SPECT and neuropsychological testing – are available to identify and assess complex seizure disorders. Loyola’s neurosciences Intensive Care Unit is equipped with continuous EEG and video monitoring for adults and children and is staffed by trained neurology nurses and certified technologists. Ambulatory EEG can be performed if inpatient monitoring is not required. Inpatient intra-operative epilepsy monitoring is offered in collaboration with neurosurgery.

Treatment options include the latest medical and surgical techniques. For example, patients with severe and difficult-to-treat epilepsy may benefit from vagal nerve stimulation, a pacemakerlike device implanted near the vagus nerve in the neck that intermittently stimulates the nerve to decrease seizure severity and frequency. Neurosurgical treatments for epilepsy include inpatient intra-operative epilepsy monitoring in which an electrode grid is placed on the patient’s cerebral cortex to determine the extent and source of epileptic seizures. The center provides specialized education, support groups and personal attention to support patients throughout their treatment.

Epilepsy Center and Monitoring Services Specialists