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Other Women's Health Services

Many services throughout Loyola's system address the needs of women. Four are of particular interest:

Aesthetic Care

Loyola offers a full range of procedures in the field of aesthetic enhancements, including facial plastic surgery, body contouring and breast surgery. This includes reconstructive procedures that help women recover their confidence and appearance, such as the treatment of skin diseases and skin cancer, scar revision and breast reconstruction. 

Loyola Breast Care

Loyola's Breast Care program is nationally recognized with broad expertise. Based upon your individual needs, services are offered in four major areas - mammogram screening with digital mammography, early detection and diagnostic evaluations, treatment, risk assessment and genetic counseling. Loyola's Breast Care Programis a complete continuum of expert medicine. Patients also have access to clinical trials, many of which focus on new drug therapies. 

Center for Heart and Vascular Medicine

Loyola's experts have earned their reputation by offering one of the finest heart and vascular programs in Chicago and the nation. Whether your heart care needs are simple or complex, our seasoned experts are trained in all types of heart and vascular care. 


Loyola orthopaedists, physiatrists and podiatrists combine their efforts to provide female athletes comprehensive orthopaedic care. In this multidisciplinary approach, our team can provide you the full spectrum of nonsurgical interventions through surgical options.