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Dr. Vikram Prabhu, a Loyola neurosurgeon, with WJOL radio

Dr. Vikram Prabhu, medical director of Neurosurgery at Loyola, talks about the wide range of brain tumors that he treats. 

Malignant tumors do tend to be more common than benign tumors, he said. Sometimes cancer starts in another part of the body but then spreads to the brain. The most common symptoms of a brain tumor are headaches, nausea, vomiting or a seizure. Some patients may also experience double vision or weakness of an arm or leg.

When a patient has a diagnosis of a brain tumor, all our neurosurgeons sit down to discuss the best options for treatment. Dr. Prabhu talks about how difficult it is to deliver difficult news to a patient. He is constantly amazed by the strength of his patients and their families. Dr. Prabhu says certain habits can lead to cancer, such as smoking or overexposure to the sun.

Some of the health professionals brain cancer patients might see include radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, neuropsychologists, neurologists and neuropathologists. Loyola doctors not only teach other doctors the latest techniques, but our campus is a research center as well.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 888-LUHS-888 (888-584-7888).

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