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Loyola specialist explains what to expect on trip to Emergency Department

Dr. Matthew Pirotte, an Emergency Medicine specialist, says he was drawn to Emergency Medicine because it combined many of the things he liked about medicine. He talks about the worry among physicians over the looming shortage of Emergency Department physicians in rural areas.

He also breaks down a bit the Emergency Department process in treating patients. First basic information is taken and then the patient is taken to triage and assigned a triage level. The more serious your case and more resources the patient needs will determine how long a person waits for treatment.

Dr. Pirotte advised that people not try to self-triage themselves, or try to decide which is the best hospital ER for their emergency. Rather they should go to the nearest hospital ER and the doctors there will determine after stabilizing a patient whether it is necessary to transfer the patient to another hospital with more resources.

Dr. Pirotte talks about Loyola's Pediatric Fast Track, which is part of the Emergency Department. Some young patients may be brought in with something like a respiratory problem and they can be moved to the Fast Track area and seen right away by a pediatrician.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with a Loyola physician, please call (888) LUHS-888 / (888) 584-7888.

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