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Spring, summer, fall worst for allergies, Loyola specialists says

Dr. Joyce Rabbat, a Pediatric allergist, talks with WJOL

Dr. Joyce Rabbat, a Pediatric allergist, talks about how seasonal allergies are very common and affect children during the spring, summer and fall. She says that pollutants tend to worsen the symptoms for children.

She talks about how testing for allergies in children is very easy. The doctor will just scratch the skin with different allergens and then wait to see if any react. Normally a doctor will test for 32 different types.

It's best to avoid those allergens that trigger allergic attacks. If the reaction is mild, then there are many over-the-counter medicines. If the allergy is more severe, then the physician will prescribe a medication. Children can also become desensitized through a series of weekly shots.

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