Ana Lucia S. Pappas
  • Clinical Professor
  • Anesthesiology
Board Certifications
  • Anesthesiology - General Cert: AM Board of Anesthesiology

Anesthetic and recovery profiles of lidocaine versus mepivacaine for spinal anesthesia in patients undergoing outpatient orthopedic arthroscopic proceduresPawlowski,J.; Orr,K.; Kim,K. M.; Pappas,A. L.; Sukhani,R.; Jellish,W. S.Journal of clinical anesthesia 2012 ;24(2):109-115

The effect of propofol/remifentanil rapid-induction technique without muscle relaxants on intraocular pressure.Hanna,S. F.; Ahmad,F.; Pappas,A. L.; Mikat-Stevens,M.; Jellish,W. S.; Kleinman,B.; Avramov,M. N.Journal of clinical anesthesia 2010 ;22(6):437-442

Effect of perioperative administration of ropivacaine with epinephrine on postoperative pediatric adenotonsillectomy recovery.Park,A. H.; Pappas,A. L.; Fluder,E.; Creech,S.; Lugo,R. A.; Hotaling,A.Archives of Otolaryngology -- Head & Neck Surgery 2004 ;130(4):459-464

Postoperative analgesia in children undergoing myringotomy and placement equalization tubes in ambulatory surgeryPappas,A. L.; Fluder,E. M.; Creech,S.; Hotaling,A.; Park,A.Anesthesia & Analgesia 2003 ;96(6):1621-1624

Ondansetron and dolasetron provide equivalent postoperative vomiting control after ambulatory tonsillectomy in dexamethasone-pretreated children.Sukhani,R.; Pappas,A. L.; Lurie,J.; Hotaling,A. J.; Park,A.; Fluder,E.Anesthesia & Analgesia 2002 ;95(5):1230-5, table of contents

Severity of airway hyperreactivity associated with laryngeal mask airway removal: correlation with volatile anesthetic choice and depth of anesthesia.Pappas,A. L.; Sukhani,R.; Lurie,J.; Pawlowski,J.; Sawicki,K.; Corsino,A.Journal of clinical anesthesia 2001 ;13(7):498-503

The anesthetic and recovery profile of two doses (60 and 80 mg) of plain mepivacaine for ambulatory spinal anesthesia.Pawlowski,J.; Sukhani,R.; Pappas,A. L.; Kim,K. M.; Lurie,J.; Gunnerson,H.; Corsino,A.; Frey,K.; Tonino,P.Anesthesia & Analgesia 2000 ;91(3):580-584

Is succinylcholine after pretreatment with d-tubocurarine and lidocaine contraindicated for outpatient anesthesia?Mikat-Stevens,M.; Sukhani,R.; Pappas,A. L.; Fluder,E.; Kleinman,B.; Stevens,R. A.Anesthesia & Analgesia 2000 ;91(2):312-316

Medical School
  • Faculdade de Medicina de Valenca
  • Cook County Hospital, Anesthesiology
  • Cook County Hospital, Anesthesiology
  • Cook County Hospital, Anesthesiology
  • Children's Memorial Hospital, Anesthesiology