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  • Sickle Cell Disease

Association of Variants at BCL11A and HBS1L-MYB with Hemoglobin F and Hospitalization Rates among Sickle Cell Patients in CameroonWonkam,A.; Ngo Bitoungui,V. J.; Vorster,A. A.; Ramesar,R.; Cooper,R. S.; Tayo,B.; Lettre,G.; Ngogang,J.PLoS ONE 2014 ;9(3):e92506

A meta-analysis identifies new loci associated with body mass index in individuals of African ancestryMonda,K. L.; Tayo,B. O.; Cooper,R. S.; genetics 2013 ;45(6):690-696

25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in African American and Nigerian womenDurazo-Arvizu,R. A.; Aloia,J. F.; Dugas,L. R.; Tayo,B. O.; Shoham,D. A.; Bertino,A. M.; Yeh,J. K.; Cooper,R. S.; Luke,A.American Journal of Human Biology : The Official Journal of the Human Biology Council 2013 ;25(4):560-562

The Nigerian antihypertensive adherence trial: a community-based randomized trialAdeyemo,A.; Tayo,B. O.; Luke,A.; Ogedegbe,O.; Durazo-Arvizu,R.; Cooper,R. S.Journal of hypertension 2013 ;31(1):201-207

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Genetic variation in APOL1 and MYH9 genes is associated with chronic kidney disease among NigeriansTayo,B. O.; Kramer,H.; Salako,B. L.; Gottesman,O.; McKenzie,C. A.; Ogunniyi,A.; Bottinger,E. P.; Cooper,R. S.International Urology and Nephrology 2013 ;45(2):485-494

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Patterns of sodium and potassium excretion and blood pressure in the African Diaspora.Tayo,B. O.; Luke,A.; McKenzie,C. A.; Kramer,H.; Cao,G.; Durazo-Arvizu,R.; Forrester,T.; Adeyemo,A. A.Journal of human hypertension 2012 ;26(5):315-324

Heritability, genetic correlation and linkage to the 9p21.3 region of mixed platelet-leukocyte conjugates in families with and without early myocardial infarctionGianfagna,F.; Tamburrelli,C.; Vohnout,B.; Crescente,M.; Izzi,B.; Pampuch,A.; De Curtis,A.; Di Castelnuovo,A.; Cutrone,A.; Napoleone,E.; Tayo,B.; Lorenzet,R.; Nanni,L.; Arca,M.; Donati,M. B.; de Gaetano,G.; Cerletti,C.; Iacoviello,L.Nutrition, metabolism, and cardiovascular diseases : NMCD 2012 ; ( ):

Genetic variation in APOL1 and MYH9 genes is associated with chronic kidney disease among NigeriansTayo,B. O.; Kramer,H.; Salako,B. L.; Gottesman,O.; McKenzie,C. A.; Ogunniyi,A.; Bottinger,E. P.International Urology and Nephrology 2012 ; ( ):

Variants in CXADR and F2RL1 are associated with blood pressure and obesity in African-Americans in regions identified through admixture mappingShetty,P. B.; Tang,H.; Tayo,B. O.; Morrison,A. C.; Hanis,C. L.; Rao,D. C.; Young,J. H.; Fox,E. R.; Boerwinkle,E.; Risch,N. J.; Zhu,X.; the Candidate Gene Association Resource (CARe) ConsortiumJournal of hypertension 2012 ;30(10):1970-1976

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Genetic background of patients from a university medical center in Manhattan: implications for personalized medicineTayo,B. O.; Teil,M.; Tong,L.; Qin,H.; Khitrov,G.; Zhang,W.; Song,Q.; Gottesman,O.; Zhu,X.; Pereira,A. C.; Bottinger,E. P.PLoS ONE 2011 ;6(5):e19166

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Combined admixture mapping and association analysis identifies a novel blood pressure genetic locus on 5p13: contributions from the CARe consortiumZhu,X.; Tayo,B.; Cooper,R. S.; molecular genetics 2011 ;20(11):2285-2295

Genome-wide Comparison of African-Ancestry Populations from CARe and Other Cohorts Reveals Signals of Natural SelectionBhatia,G.; Tayo,B. O.; Cooper,R. S.; Journal of Human Genetics 2011 ;89(3):368-381

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Comparison of SNP-based and gene-based association studies in detecting rare variants using unrelated individualsTong,L.; Tayo,B.; Yang,J.BMC proceedings 2011 ;5 Suppl 9( ):S41

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Complex segregation analysis of pedigrees from the Gilda Radner Familial Ovarian Cancer Registry reveals evidence for mendelian dominant inheritance.Tayo,B. O.; DiCioccio,R. A.; Liang,Y.; Trevisan,M.; Lele,S.; Sucheston,L.; Piver,S. M.; Odunsi,K.PLoS ONE [Electronic Resource] 2009 ;4(6):e5939

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Where's the Kale? Environmental Availability of Fruits and Vegetables in Two Racially Dissimilar CommunitiesWilliams,E. M.; Tayo,B. O.; McLean,B.; Smit,E.; Sempos,C. T.; Crespo,C. J.Environmental Justice 2008 ;1(1):35

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Heritability of blood pressure in Nigerian families.Adeyemo,A. A.; Omotade,O. O.; Rotimi,C. N.; Luke,A. H.; Tayo,B. O.Journal of hypertension 2002 ;20(5):859-863

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