James Jaber
  • Assistant Professor
  • Otolaryngology
Head and Neck Cancer, Neck Masses, Difficulty Breathing, Facial Paralysis, Oral Cancer, Parotid Tumors, Head and Neck Tumors, Throat Cancer, Larynx Cancer, Skull Base Surgery, Throat Laser Surgery, Thyroid surgery, Thyroid Cancer, Transoral Robotic Surgery, Voice Box Laser Surgery, Skin cancers of the head and neck, Minimally Invasive Video Assisted Thyroidectomy
Board Certifications
  • Otolaryngology - General Cert: American Board of Otolaryngology
Research Summary

My laboratory is focused primarily on synthesizing small anti-cancer molecules that are rationally designed to target specific dysregulated pathways in head and neck cancer. This is done in collaboration with a team of biologists.


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Medical School
  • Albany Medical College
  • Loyola University Medical Center, Otolaryngology: Head & Neck Surgery
  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Advanced Head & Neck Oncologic Surgery
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