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In relation to the article "Skirting the pitfalls: a clear-cut nomenclature for H3K4 methyltransferases" by Bogerhausen et alDiaz,M. O.CLINICAL GENETICS 2013 ;83(3):295

Multiple clonal MLL fusions in a patient receiving CHOP-based chemotherapyShih,S. J.; Fass,J.; Buffalo,V.; Lin,D.; Singh,S. P.; Diaz,M. O.; Vaughan,A. T.British journal of haematology 2012 ;159(1):50-57

Histone recognition and nuclear receptor co-activator functions of Drosophila cara mitad, a homolog of the N-terminal portion of mammalian MLL2 and MLL3.Chauhan,C.; Zraly,C. B.; Parilla,M.; Diaz,M. O.; Dingwall,A. K.Development 2012 ;139(11):1997-2008

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