Loyola’s transplant chaplains are essential members of our patients’ health-care team. Just like the doctors and nurses they work with, their experience is specific to the Transplant Center. They understand the emotional, spiritual and physical needs that are particular to our transplant patients. Our chaplains listen for the needs beneath the medical needs – that which is emotional, spiritual and sacramental. They know that even though symptoms may be similar, each person’s illness is unique; each person’s journey to healing is individual.

Our chaplains start the journey alongside our patients and their families and are available through all critical stages, providing a confidential outlet for hopes and fears, helping to facilitate important decisions.

Transplant chaplains are an outreach of support that our patients and families can count on when looking to find meaning in their situation, along with the resources of faith and spirituality to cope and heal.

Other Pastoral Care Services include:

  • The Paul V. Galvin Memorial Chapel is open 24 hours a day and is located on the lower level of the hospital near the East Elevators, those nearest to the gift shop.
  • Chapel services and a wide variety of other religious programs are televised to patient rooms on Channel 4.
  • Upon your request, we can contact your church, parish, synagogue, mosque or house of worship.
  • Catholic: Catholic Mass is celebrated at noon Sunday through Friday and on Holy Days (there is no Mass on Saturday). Bedside Communion, Anointing of the Sick, Reconciliation (confession) and emergency Baptism are available upon request.
  • Protestant: We offer bedside prayers, visits and Communion.
  • Jewish: Pastoral Care Services can arrange for a rabbi to visit.
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