Living Donor advocate

You will also meet with a living donor advocate (LDA), who will help you during this process. The LDA’s sole responsibility is to you, the donor. By regulation, the LDA is not allowed to be involved in the care of the recipient.

Your LDA is there to ensure that you are making the decision to donate free and clear of any coercion or pressure. It’s very important to understand that anything discussed between you and your LDA is strictly confidential. Nothing you discuss with your LDA, or anything related to your medical condition, is ever discussed with the team caring for the recipient. You are free to change your mind about donation at any time. The only two categories for a living donor are eligible or ineligible. Even if you are completely healthy and eligible to donate, but you have changed your mind, you can tell the LDA in complete confidence that you no longer want to donate. The LDA will then communicate to the recipient’s team that you are not eligible. The only thing ever told to the recipient and the recipient’s team is that you are not eligible to donate. No one will ever pressure you to donate. The LDA is there for you, the donor. By law, all transplant programs with the option of living donation must have an LDA as part of their team.

Once all your test results are in, the multidisciplinary team will discuss your case. If you are approved as a living donor candidate, your coordinator will help you with scheduling the surgery at a convenient time for you and your recipient. After surgery, they will help you with the discharge planning and follow-up visits.

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