Loyola Medicine executive leaders with physicians and guests of the celebration event

Loyola University Medical Center 50th Anniversary Celebrated by Hospital Supporters

On Thursday, November 21, 2019, friends and generous supporters of Loyola University Medical Center gathered to celebrate 50 years of compassionate, holistic care.

Guests enjoyed a celebration honoring the heroes of medicine, business, academics and philanthropy who built the Maywood campus, enabling a half-century of supporting the health and well-being of the community. 

Guests heard from Shawn P. Vincent, president and CEO, Loyola Medicine and Tad Gomez, president, Loyola University Medical Center, about the significant efforts to finance and recruit for the new medical center in 1962. A small group of dedicated and visionary priests and physicians rallied industry giants to make philanthropic investments.

In addition, the U.S. Veterans Administration assisted by generously donating 62 acres for $1 to aid in the construction of a hospital to serve the local community.

Shawn Vincent shared that this success is a direct result of these giants, heroes and visionaries who brought together like-minded individuals, and gave selflessly. Their generosity has been responsible for decades of remarkable accomplishments, amazing medical breakthroughs and exceptional patient care. 

The celebration also included moving remarks by Julia Wegner about her family's own experiences. This included the compassionate care her mother, Sophia Sukys Walsh, received from Ronald K. Potkul, MD, and her husband Ken's care by the department of orthopaedic surgery and rehabilitation after an accident last year.

Julia shared, "We truly believe Ken's recovery was divine intervention and miraculous. That said, divine powers also worked through the amazingly talented and caring health care professionals at Loyola University Medical Center. On behalf of Ken and our entire family, thank you."

The night honored many individuals, past and present, who contributed to the organization's growth and success, ensuring compassionate care can continue to be provided to those who need us most.

Tad Gomez offered, "All of you here tonight—volunteers, board members, physicians, leaders and donors—have each left your own personal mark on Loyola University Medical Center, and in turn, those we have the privilege to serve."

Among those present were Loyola University Health System board chair Marc Schwartz, and long-standing friends including past chair of the Loyola University Medical Center board of trustees, Patrick J. Kelly, and former president and CEO Tony Barbato, MD.

Shawn Vincent acknowledged all the people who have gotten us to this point, saying "This year marks 50 years of a building. However, it is the people who have made this place special. A place is only as good as the people, and you have all played a critical role in helping shape Loyola University Medical Center into what it is today. I look forward to the next 50 years."