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Raquel Garcia Roca, MD

Raquel Garcia Roca, MD, FACS


Intra-Abdominal Transplantation
Associate Professor
Program Director - Abdominal Transplant,Residency / Fellowship Program Director - Abdominal Transplant,Surgical Director, Renal Transplant

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish,Catalan

Clinical Expertise

  • Renal Dialysis Access
  • Renal Disease (Kidney Disease)
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Vascular Access Surgery
  • Video-Assisted Surgery

About Dr. Garcia-Roca


Medical Education

University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital - General Surgery
  • University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital - Transplant Surgery
  • University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinics - Transplant Surgery

Board Certification

American Board of Surgery, Surgery, General


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  • Single Center Experience With Robotic Kidney Transplantation for Recipients With BMI of 40 kg/m2 Or Greater: A Comparison With the UNOS Registry. Garcia-Roca, R; Garcia-Aroz, S; Tzvetanov, I; Jeon, H; Oberholzer, J; Benedetti, E, Transplantation
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  • Hand-assisted robotic right donor nephrectomy in patient with total situs inversus: A case report. Gonzalez-Heredia, R; Garcia-Roca, R; Benedetti, E, International journal of surgery case reports
  • Simultaneous Living Donor Kidney and Parathyroid Allotransplantation: First Case Report and Review of Literature. Garcia-Roca, R; Garcia-Aroz, S; Tzvetanov, IG; Giulianotti, PC; Campara, M; Oberholzer, J; Benedetti, E, Transplantation
  • Successful living donor intestinal transplantation in cross-match positive recipients: Initial experience. Garcia-Roca, R; Tzvetanov, IG; Jeon, H; Hetterman, E; Oberholzer, J; Benedetti, E, World journal of gastrointestinal surgery
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