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Rasheed Hammadeh, MD


Clinical Associate Professor

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Medical Education

Medical School
Damascus University, Syria
University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center - Pathology: Anatomic & Clinical Pathology
  • University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics - Pathology: Surgical Pathology
  • Henry Ford Hospital - Pathology: Cytopathology

Board Certification


  • Radiologic case study Ahmed, M.; Lomasney, L. M.; Demos, T. C.; Lafita, V.; Hammadeh, R., Orthopedics
  • RNA-containing cytoplasmic inclusion bodies in ciliated bronchial epithelium months to years after acute Kawasaki disease. Rowley, A. H.; Baker, S. C.; Shulman, S. T.; Garcia, F. L.; Fox, L. M.; Kos, I. M.; Crawford, S. E.; Russo, P. A.; Hammadeh, R.; Takahashi, K.; Orenstein, J. M., PLoS ONE [Electronic Resource]
  • Cytomegalovirus inclusions on a cervical pap test: report of a well-known organism at an uncommon site Venkataraman, G.; Kouria, G.; Mehrotra, S.; Hammadeh, R.; Wojcik, E. M.; Booth, C. N., Diagnostic cytopathology
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  • Immunostaining for SYT protein discriminates synovial sarcoma from other soft tissue tumors: analysis of 146 cases. He, R.; Patel, R. M.; Alkan, S.; Hammadeh, R.; Weiss, S. W.; Goldblum, J. R.; Venkataraman, G.; Baila, H., Modern Pathology
  • Lacrimal sac melanoma. Sitole, S.; Zender, C. A.; Ahmad, A. Z.; Hammadeh, R.; Petruzzelli, G. J., Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Plasma thrombin activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor and tissue factor pathway inhibitor changes following sepsis. Ravindranath, T. M.; Goto, M.; Iqbal, O.; Florian-Kujawski, M.; Hoppensteadt, D.; Hammadeh, R.; Sayeed, M. M.; Fareed, J., Clinical & Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis
  • Radiologic case study. Monostotic fibrous dysplasia. Cento, E. A.; Lomasney, L. M.; Demos, T. C.; Hammadeh, R.; Magovern, B., Orthopedics
  • Report of an angiosarcoma mimic: cutaneous aneurysmal fibrous histiocytoma. Venkataraman, G.; Hammadeh, R., APMIS
  • Clear cell sarcoma of the small bowel: a potential pitfall. Case report. Venkataraman, G.; Quinn, A. M.; Williams, J.; Hammadeh, R., APMIS
  • Controlled myocardial infarction induced by intracoronary injection of n-butyl cyanoacrylatein dogs: a feasibility study. Matos, G. F.; Hammadeh, R.; Francois, C.; McCarthy, R.; Leya, F., Catheterization & Cardiovascular Interventions
  • Mesonephric adenocarcinoma of the vagina with a 3-year follow-up. Ersahin, C.; Huang, M.; Potkul, R. K.; Hammadeh, R.; Salhadar, A., Gynecologic oncology
  • Metastatic juxtaglomerular cell tumor in a 52-year-old man. Duan, X.; Bruneval, P.; Hammadeh, R.; Fresco, R.; Eble, J. N.; Clark, J. I.; Vigneswaran, W. T.; Flanigan, R. C.; Picken, M. M., American Journal of Surgical Pathology