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Current Housestaff - International Graduates

Keeping your J-1 Visa current

As a J-1 visa holder, you must complete an application for continuing your J-1 Visa status each year. Your program coordinator will begin this process with you around January of each year.

Travel with a J-1 Visa

If you will be traveling outside of the United States with a J-1 Visa, there is very important information of which you must be aware. Please visit the travel section of the ECFMG website to be fully prepared for your trip.

You must have a travel-validated DS-2019 form to travel internationally. If your DS-2019 form is not signed by ECFMG in the travel validation box (lower right side of the DS-2019 form) or the signature has expired, you must request a duplicate form DS-209.

For more information regarding this process please visit the ‘Preparation for International Travel’ page on the ECFMG website. This process does take time. Please be sure to request your duplicate no later than six weeks prior to travel.

You must notify your coordinator of your travel, and you must bring the following documents with you:

  • Letter of Good Standing or a Letter of Offer from your training program, signed by your program director
  • A copy of your current contract

ECFMG Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit  ECFMG's site to find the answers to many of the questions asked by both applicants and current trainees.