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Curriculum Spotlight: Pediatric Sedation

Pediatric sedation rotation


Pediatric Sedation Rotation


A 2-week rotation during the PGY2 year


Additional experience with this ‘procedure’ is crucial to your training

As we designed the curriculum, we wanted to ensure the typically underrepresented experiences were readily available in your training. Entities like Pediatric Sedation, Urgent Care/Fast Track, and a few others were given special consideration. Essentially these are clinical experiences (or patients) that either:

  1. Occur less frequently so are harder to experience during residency, or
  2. Are being cared for by providers other than EM physicians in increasing frequency

Pediatric Sedation, or a patient requiring this ‘procedure’, is something we realized may not be as common a clinical entity as is needed to gain true competence. The beauty of designing a new curriculum is in our ability to build and add rotations that will ensure that no clinical stone is left unturned; we know these procedures – these Pediatric Sedations – are occurring in our hospital, so we built a rotation to ensure you are the physician involved in these cases.

Working directly, one on one, with a Pediatric ICU (PICU) Attending Physician, you will cover the Pediatric Sedation service for 2 weeks. You will be the only resident on service during this time, so the experience is all yours. Here is a breakdown of some of the logistics:

  1. The service operates Monday-Friday, and covers sedation needs for both our clinics and in-hospital services
  2. You will be providing the sedation for patients requiring (for example) Lumbar Punctures, Bone Marrow Procedures, MRIs, EGDs, and many others
  3. You are responsible for setting up the room, including all equipment needed
  4. You will decide on the appropriate medication(s) to use, and will administer these to the patient
  5. You are present for the entire sedation, and will provide the required monitoring

This is a unique opportunity to think & work through these procedures on a case by case basis with an experienced PICU Attending. At the end of this rotation, we believe you will be experienced, competent, and comfortable in the delivery of the procedure of Pediatric Sedation.

Your education, and the experiences you have while obtaining it, is vitally important to your career as an EM Physician. We will ensure that you graduate with every tool, experience, and skill that is needed to be an exceptional Emergency Physician.