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Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery Residency Policies

Guests are invited, and our residents are required, to read the policies that govern our program. Current goals and objectives for each rotation can be found here.

Program and Rotation Goals and Objectives

Goals and objectives for the Loyola Cardiovascular and Thoracic Residency Program


  • Transitions of Care
    The Transitions of Care policy gives guidelines and expectations for patient hand-offs and sign-outs
    Program Evaluation Committee
  • The Program Evaluation Committee policy describes the mechanism whereby our educational program is reviewed and improved on a regular basis.
    Clinical Core Competency Committee
  • The Clinical Core Competency Committee policy describes the biannual meeting where resident competency and progress on the achievement of ACGME milestones is assessed.  This meeting determines whether a resident progresses through the program and meets the goals necessary for graduation.  The Committee also regularly reviews the measurement tools used to make these assessments.
  • Moonlighting policy, and a reminder that if residents feel the need to moonlight, they must log these hours to observe 80 hour week limitations.
    Research Policy and Requirements
  • Our research policy, detailing the requirement of research to complete the program, and timelines for required stages of project completion.
    Duty Hours
  • Our policy on duty hours, and guidelines on the recognition and management of fatigue