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Joint Pain and Surgery

Loyola Medicine’s multidisciplinary joint pain and surgery team cares for patients experiencing joint pain due to inflammation, injury or more serious issues that require help from an expert orthopaedic team. Our team includes board-certified orthopaedic physicians and surgeons, pain management specialists, physiatrists, physician assistants, nurses and physical therapists. Together, we work to diagnose, evaluate and treat joint pain with the most comprehensive treatment plan possible.

From minimally invasive surgeries to total joint replacements, we are dedicated to improving the health and function of your joints, helping you achieve a healthy recovery and returning you to your daily activities.

At Loyola, you have access to doctors who specialize in the care of all the major joints of the body.  

Joint specialists at Loyola consider all therapeutic, medical and surgical options for your joint problem. Our team of fellowship-trained orthopaedic specialists are experienced in treating bone and tendon injuries, including complex fractures. Patients who have experienced a traumatic joint injury have access to treatment in Loyola’s Illinois Level I Trauma Center.

After surgery or as a first course of treatment, our internationally recognized rehabilitation team treat patients with care and compassion, providing personalized therapy programs for every patient.

Using the latest in advanced diagnostic and treatment technology, our team is proficient in the most common to the most complex joint pain issues. Our physicians are also active in medical research and clinical trials aimed at joint preservation, innovations in treatment techniques and faster recovery times.