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Bariatric surgery: Kurt Kugelberg's story

Loyola patient Kurt Kugelberg tells how he struggled with his health. He recalls at one point his weight reached 340 lbs. and it was hard to get around because he was still feeling the effects of a broken ankle. But after his consult with Dr. Bipan Chand at the Loyola Center for Metabolic Surgery & Bariatric Care at Melrose Park, he really committed to making the necessary changes to improve his health. He started to exercise and altered his diet and lifestyle. He lost 50 lbs. even before the gastric bypass surgery. At the time of this video, Mr. Kugelberg had lost 120 lbs. and he was still losing weight. Katie Bohnstedt, an advanced practice nurse at Loyola, talks about how Mr. Kugelberg had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic back pain and sleep apnea before the surgery. Now his vitals have greatly improved. His blood pressure and cholesterol levels have dropped and he has seen improvements in his back pain and sleep apnea. Many patients are even able to stop taking blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. Loyola emphasizes the importance of follow-up care in this treatment. Patients will see their surgeon, dietitian, psychologist and bariatrician to ensure the success of their treatment. Mr. Kugelberg did so well after surgery that he even did a 5K to help support the Loyola Children's Hospital. For more information or to make an appointment, please call (800) 355-0416.