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New S-ICD defibrillator a safety net for cardiac patients

Loyola heart disease patient Stacey Tyranski talks about how she went to the gym for a zumba class one morning and felt off so she went to get some water. In the hallway she collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. Dr. Peter Santucci says that she was resuscitated with an external defibrillator by a paramedic who just happened to be at the gym. Looking back, Stacey still has a hard time thinking about how close she came to dying. Dr. Santucci explains that Stacey has a condition in which she can suddenly have ventricular arrhythmias occurring in the bottom of the heart. The best protection for patients at high risk is to have an internal defibrillator. Previous defibrillators would have leads, or wires, that entered the heart, but there are disadvantages to this approach. Loyola offered Stacey one that has leads that are close to the heart but do not enter it. Stacey feels with this device that she has a safety net because it could happen again. She says as a mom with young children that this device allows her to live a normal life. Dr. Santucci says it's very gratifying to help a young woman like Stacey who now has a full life ahead of her because of this new defibrillator, which wasn't even around a few years ago. Stacey says she is so glad that she turned to Loyola. For more information or to make an appointment, please call (888) LUHS-888/(888) 584-7888.