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Burn Center

The Burn Center provides comprehensive care for adults and children with thermal injuries, electrical burns, chemical injury, frostbite, toxic epidermal necrolysis, inhalation injury and complex soft tissue infections.

A multidisciplinary team, which includes resuscitation, pulmonary support, wound management, nutritional support and rehabilitation personnel, provide care in the Burn Center.

The center has a staff of about 70, including nurses, patient care technicians, service coordinators and service associates. The Burn Center is one of the busiest in the Midwest, treating nearly 600 patients annually in the hospital, and another 3,500 patients each year in its clinic. About 40 percent of these patients are children.

The Burn Center is based on the 7th floor of Loyola University Hospital. It contains 21 beds, including 10 intensive care beds and an 11 bed step-down unit. The unit also houses an expanded hydrotherapy area for cleaning and dressing wounds, and a rehabilitation area where physical and occupational therapists can work with patients. An outpatient burn clinic is open five days a week to provide follow-up care. A 17 bed step-down trauma unit on the same floor as the Burn Center offers additional bed capacity to accommodate any overflow of burn patients.

Special Services:

The Burn Center is involved in research on post-burn immunosuppression, wound healing, burn induced coagulation disorders and nutritional support. The research is integrated with research efforts at Loyola's Burn & Shock Trauma Institute.

The additional availability of multiple clinical trials dealing with treatments for pulmonary injury, nutritional support, support of the patient's ability to resist infection and wound healing enhance the ability of Loyola's Burn Center to provide the latest advances in care to our patients.

The Burn Center was awarded verification by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the American Burn Association (ABA). This recognition is only granted to those programs that have met and exceeded the ACS and ABA standards and review.