Heart Transplant in Chicago

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Our medical team uses a multidisciplinary approach to your care. Often patients with heart disease face other health challenges, but whatever other conditions you may dealing with, we have a specialist in that field of medicine.

While you have heard that you might need a heart transplant, we will first attempt every possible alternative treatment. We understand what a commitment transplant is, so we will study your condition very carefully and weigh other viable options. One approach we may suggest as a bridge to transplant, or even as the best ultimate treatment for your condition, is a heart pump. In medical circles this is known as an LVAD, or a Left Ventricular Assist Device. You can rest assured that whatever your condition we will work with you to develop the best plan of care.

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Evaluation & Treatment

Once patients are identified as potential transplant candidates, they undergo several tests and consultations. Your heart transplant team will then review and discuss the results to determine if you should be listed for a heart transplant or if the LVAD would be a better option. Our goal is to see you live a long, productive life. If you are listed for a transplant, you will meet with your coordinator, who will educate you on the transplant process. As soon as a heart is offered, our staff will call you and make arrangements for your hospital stay.

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Loyola is the only academic medical center in the Chicago suburbs and the only heart program in Chicago nationally ranked by US News & World Report for 12 consecutive years. Our heart transplant team boasts internationally acclaimed experts who draw on complex transplants and top medical research to teach other doctors about the latest in heart transplant procedures and medicine. At Loyola you have access to leading-edge research and can be the first to hear about  clinical trials. Our doctors pride themselves on ensuring seamless communication between patients and their medical teams. In addition, you can access your medical records online through MyLoyola Select. Your referring physician also will be updated routinely on your treatment through our secure health information portal, LoyolaConnect.

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For an appointment or for more information about Heart Transplantation, call (708) 327-2738.

Patient Story

Chuck Vrasich was only 34 when he was told he would need a new heart. His doctors decided to use a heart pump as a bridge to Chuck's transplant surgery.

A Heart transplant story

Gerlinda Wiens was diagnosed with congestive heart disease. Medication worked quite well for some time, but eventually she needed a heart transplant.

Common Questions

How long should I expect to wait for my transplant?

In our region the average wait time for a heart on the national waiting list is 7 months. We will continue to manage your condition until then. Read more in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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For an appointment or for more information about Heart Transplantation, call (708) 327-2738.

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