Loyola University Medical Center interactive campus map

Loyola Medicine launches interactive campus map

February 16, 2016

Looking for something? Our interactive campus map will help you find what you need at Loyola University Medical Center. Whether you are looking for where to park, how to get to an appointment, or even the nearest cup of coffee, you'll find the answer with the click of a button or the touch of smartphone screen. Our interactive map will help guide you with its 3-D building renderings, floor-by-floor plans, photos, info boxes and links to more detailed information for points of interest on our campus. LUMC interactive map highlight view

Want to know where to conveniently park? The exterior map points out the visitors' parking garage and lots, valet service locations and parking areas for the disabled. Wondering which elevator to use? Choose First Floor from the upper left-hand drop-down menu and click on the highlighted elevators to see which areas of the hospital they serve. In addition to the medical center, the exterior map showcases all buildings that provide patient and visitor services, including the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center, Loyola Outpatient Center and Maguire Center, which houses our dental and oral surgery center. The exterior map notes other entities on the 61-acre campus, including Loyola Center for Fitness, Loyola University Chicago's medical and nursing schools.

The map can be explored in a variety of convenient ways. Click on a red dot for details about a location or service.

You may also use the search or the drop-down menus to find services and locations. On a computer, use the right-hand control panel to find a place or service and the upper left-hand drop-down menu to view each floor. On a mobile or tablet device, use the search tool in the lower left corner to find a department or service and the maps tool in the lower left corner to view individual floors. The drop-down menu includes two sets of floor plans: the medical center building, from Lower Level to 7th floor and the South Campus buildings (outpatient, cancer, Mulcahy and Maguire centers), from Lower Level to 4th floor.

We hope you'll find the interactive map helpful. It isn't replacing the personal help you receive when you visit LUMC. The staff is happy to answer questions or help you when you need it. Let us know what you think of the map by writing to us at LoyolaHealth@lumc.edu.