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Art Therapy Program for Cancer

Holistic Support During Cancer Treatment

Cancer brings physical and emotional challenges that begin at diagnosis and continue throughout treatment. You may feel a wide range of normal emotions that come and go, such as depression, anxiety, grief, anger, hopelessness, loss of control, guilt or low self-esteem.  Art therapy can help you understand these feelings and find relief. 

Loyola Medicine’s art therapy program at the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center can be an important part of a holistic approach to your cancer care.  Studies show that a positive mind-body connection is essential to healing and well-being during cancer treatment.  Through bolstering your physical, emotional and spiritual health, art therapy can add another layer of support to cancer survivorship.  

What is Art Therapy?

In art therapy, you create art as a way to become more aware of yourself and others and express complicated emotions. By working with an art therapist, you can develop effective ways to cope with cancer symptoms, stress and difficult experiences. 

You and your art therapist will design an art-making experience that is best for you and your personal situation. You may choose from a wide array of artistic media, including drawing, painting, collage, beading and sculpture. Your sessions with the art therapist may take place individually, as a group or with family members. 

Loyola’s art therapy program is free for all cancer patients, thanks to a generous gift from The Zoë Foundation for Infusion Art Therapy, a foundation committed to providing a creative and positive outlet for all cancer patients.

Art Therapy Program Locations

Our art therapy program is located in the Coleman Foundation Image Renewal Center at the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center on the main Loyola campus in Maywood.  

For your convenience, our art therapist can also hold sessions at numerous Loyola locations including the outpatient center in Maywood, and various outpatient centers in the western and southwestern suburbs of Chicago. Find all locations. 

To schedule an art therapy appointment at Loyola, please call 708-327-2277.