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Geriatric Medicine

Compassionate and Experienced Healthcare for Older Adults

Geriatric medicine refers to the comprehensive healthcare management of older adults. Doctors practicing in this area undergo specific training in conditions and diseases affecting adults 65 and older. Older adult patients under the care of a Loyola geriatric medicine doctor (or geriatrician) will receive superior targeted health management throughout the aging process, which will support you in reaching your individual health goals and managing ongoing medical conditions.

Loyola’s board-certified geriatricians understand that some conditions, such as depression, can affect older adult patients in different ways than people of younger ages. Additionally, with age comes greater risk for some diseases, such as cancer, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. We strive to provide age-appropriate, personalized care for older adults.

Loyola’s geriatricians work alongside qualified specialists—including orthopaedic surgeons, cardiologists, psychologists, neurologists and audiologists—to provide unique diagnosis and treatment plans based on your individual needs. While the aging process may not always be easy, your Loyola doctor will ease the transition with expertise, dignity and compassion.

Why Choose Loyola for Geriatric Medicine? 

Loyola’s dedication to geriatric medicine shows in the compassion and expertisde with which we provide care for older adult patients. Our rankings in U.S. News & World Report place us among the top hospitals nationally for gastroenterology & GI surgery, ear, nose & throat and pulmonology & lung surgery. As a result, Loyola’s older adult patients benefit from medical care that is both compassionate and award-winning.

What Services are Available for Geriatric Medicine?

If you are searching for top-rated care for yourself or a loved one, look no further than Loyola. Our geriatricians provide specialized treatment for the care of older adults. In addition to check-ups, vital exams, immunizations and annual physicals, your Loyola healthcare team can provide a wide range of services to support you in reaching optimal health. 

While services may vary based on your doctor’s office, your Loyola geriatrician may provide the following in-office services at your appointment: 

  • Acupuncture
  • Behavioral health
  • Care for physical or intellectual disabilities
  • Cryotherapy
  • Dermatology care and treatment
  • Diet and fitness counseling
  • Guidance on appropriate cancer screenings for your age
  • Gynecologic care 
  • Immunizations
  • Lab tests
  • Minor outpatient surgery
  • Preventive care 
  • Strategic planning of overall health goals
  • Treatment for physical injuries​

Loyola’s geriatricians provide a wide array of services to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases. Your doctor will recommend the most effective and advanced treatment available for your condition. Loyola provides expert care for common ailments and chronic conditions, as well as health concerns specific to older adults, including:

Loyola’s geriatricians provide comprehensive care for overall health maintenance, as well as acute and chronic diseases. When more serious conditions arise, your geriatrician can refer you to a specialist with the expertise and experience to care for your condition promptly and effectively.

Specialized Programs to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment in Older Adults

At Loyola, we not only have qualified doctors specializing in geriatric medicine, but we also have several special programs enhancing the older adult patient experience. Geriatricians can refer patients to these services as needed:

  • Geriatric behavioral healthcareGottlieb Memorial Hospital houses a medicare-certified inpatient geriatric behavioral healthcare unit, which aims to diagnose and treat complex behavioral issues affecting older adults. 
  • Geriatric fracture program — Loyola’s geriatricians work with orthopaedic and other specialists in this multidisciplinary program designed for older adults with fractures due to osteoporosis or “soft bone.” Learn more about geriatric fractures.
  • Home care and hospice — Loyola offers various options for skilled care to homebound patients, as well as quality end-of-life care for adult patients. Loyola’s Home Health Services and Hospice Care is certified by Medicare and licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health for home care and hospice. Learn more about home care and hospice.
  • Palliative care — Loyola’s health network provides access to palliative care services, or pain management treatment. Palliative care suits the needs of patients who have chronic pain that may be due to existing health conditions. Learn more about palliative care.