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Emergency Medicine Residency Program

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Announcements & Updates

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General updates

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September 2021


Windy City 2021 Conference was today! It was great to see (the top half of) faces from the many EM programs in the Chicago area again, and Kudos to all the speakers of the day, including our own ED pharmacist Megan Rech and our PGY2 Dan Park! Honorary Kudos to the Mystery Senior that Dan gave a shout out to during his presentation; don't try to deny it, we know who you are! 

As an aside, normally our photos are the result of several confused minutes of yelling and cat-herding. This photo, which includes residents, attendings, and students, is probably the quickest, most efficient thing we have done as a group. And it only took 2+ years.


Zoom Info Sessions are back!  Learn about our Education and EMS STEME Tracks at tomorrow (Monday 9/13) at 7pm, and as always, stick around to chat with some of the current residents at 7:30.  Link below the banner above or here: https://luc.zoom.us/j/4554379373

August 2021


Thanks to those who joined us today for the second Zoom Info session! We'll be on a break next week, but the next session will be on September 13, featuring the Education and EMS STEME Tracks. Hope to see you there!


Join us tomorrow, Monday 8/23, for our first Zoom Info Session, featuring Dr. Kule, our APD and personal ultrasound guru!  Tune in at 7pm Central Time to https://luc.zoom.us/j/4554379373, and then stick around to talk to our Residents! 


News Flash: We'll be holding our Zoom Info Sessions again this year! 7-7:30 an attending will be around to talk about a particular STEME Track/topic, then at 7:30 we politely kick them out to make it residents and students only so we can give honest answers to your hard hitting questions.  First one is next Monday (8/23) 7pm Central Time, featuring our APD and Ultrasound Track Director Dr Kule! As the date gets closer, check back here or our other social media sites for a link to the Zoom meeting. No need to pre-register, no need to eat off screen, and no need to suit up for this. See you there!


Thanks to Dr Moises Gallegos MD MPH for teaching us about teaching during Grand Rounds today!  We may not all be able to draw as well as you, but hopefully now we'll all be able to draw up a few chalk talks that we can draw upon for some bedside teaching!


The honeymoon phase (Orientation month) is officially over for our interns, and this week marks the end of their first week on service.  Here's a little something to help them remember the good times while they're doing the stereotypical "intern crying in a closet somewhere" thing (and fyi interns: after you're done crying in the closet go text one of your coresidents to help you out).  Thanks to everyone who took the time to teach, including our colleagues in the Orthopedic and Ophthalmology departments! 


July 2021


Department Cubs game last weekend!  This was an annual event before our residency even existed (which, to be fair wasn't that long ago). We didn't get to do it last year because of COVID, but this time we got to hang out with some of our awesome nurses outside of the hospital (a first for our PGY2's), as well as some of our attendings.  It's weird to see everyone in street clothes... and street hair... and street makeup... and street smiles...   


This weekend was our Resident Retreat! Day 1 was Interns only but on Day 2 the big kids got to play too!  Shout out to our Chiefs for doing the planning and extra Kudos to our newly-minted PGY-2 Yana Klein for putting together a fantastic Resident Trivia game!  It's proof that Facebook posts never go away, or at least not with Yana around...


While the name was recognized by many, it was nice to finally put a face (well, a tiny pixelated face anyway) to a voice; today Dr Stuart Swadron of EM:RAP fame did us the honor of speaking at our Grand Rounds! Thank you Dr Swadron for hosting your "Code STEMI: yes or no," game with us as well as giving us a minitour of the past, present and future of EM, and thank you Dr Baluzy for setting this up! (Fuzzy picture proof below for you "pics or it didn't happen" people)


And that's a wrap on week one of Intern Orientation!  Thanks to the Ortho residents for teaching our new Interns splint skills.  And for helping us pull off our plan to get them all in short leg splints so they can't run away. 


We had our Intern Welcome Dinner today, which included the annual "How does he remember all these details about us?" introduction of the Interns by Dr Snow! Thanks to Dr Mueller and his wife for hosting a Tie-Dye filled evening. 


Today marks the official First Day of Residency for our Class of 2024!  While they won't be regular faces in our ED for another month as they go through orientation, we're super excited to have them as part of our family!  After 2 years of residents and countless years of effort on the part of our attendings and the department, we finally have a complete residency program! To the newest six members of our team: Welcome to the party!  Looking foward to working with you!

June 2021


Big things have been happening the past few days! Not only did we get to meet our newest interns in person (somehow everyone looks different from the side), but we also got to meet Kevin Keeley, whose father, the late John L. Keeley Jr, graciously helped fund the renovation of our Emergency Department (completed in 2012). Mr Keeley, along with our Department Chair Dr Cichon, also did us the honor of presenting the Keeley Cup to the winners of the first ever Keeley Cup competition! Congratulations Team Stritch (Jeffrey Heiferman, Bailee Jacobson, Tanya Mukerji, and Dan Park)!  See the "Orientation and Education 2020-2021" link on the "Photos" page under the "Residency Life" for some pictures from the day.

While the Keeley Cup competition is ongoing throughout the year (see the "Keeley Cup" section under the "Curriculum" tab for more info), we finished off this year with what was basically an indoor medically-related field day which included ultrasounding while on a balance board, blind ultrasounding (think about this one for a minute), splinting, Operation, Pictionary, Taboo, Cash Cases, Sim cases and more. Thanks to all the attendings, SPs, admins who substituted for SPs, and staff who made this day a fun and educational experience for us!


The kids are growing up! As one of her last formal acts as an intern, Dr Tanya Mukherji presented a poster about a community needs assessment of Loyola ED patients at AAEM21 in St Louis last week.  Great job Tanya, can't wait to see what 2nd year brings for you and the rest of your class!


It's Arts and Crafts meets Medicine part 2, brought to you by Dr Travis Wassermann, one of our fantastic almost-PGY-3s who set up an AWESOME sim session for us to learn how to float a transvenous pacer!  I'm definitely glad he did this because I never would have figured out how to put this sim together without flooding the department.

May 2021


Zooming to you live from the department studio: Congratulations to Dr Jeffrey Heiferman who presented at ICEP's 2021 Conference today and won first place for Best Resident Speaker with his talk "Procedural Communication: Communicating Pain." That's a trick we'll be taking back to the ED with us!


We've got some new updates on our "Information for Applicants" page about the new Underrepresented in Medicine Scholarship that we are proud to offer. Check it out! 


Thanks to Dr George Chiampas, DO, CAQSM, FACEP for teaching our department at Grand Rounds today!  It's fascinating the impact physicians can make on something like national sports and other mass events!

April 2021


Shout out to Dr Cassie Ward for being selected as the Intern of the Year by the Stritch School of Medicine M3 Class! Congratulations! 

Our APD, Dr Amy Kule, was also voted Facilitator of the Year for by the students!

And somewhat belated, but our stellar attending and educator Dr Matt Baluzy was announced in February as part of the ALiEMteam Faculty Incubator cohort for 2021-2022! We certainly have a star-studded cast making up this department. 


March 2021


Congratulations to our new Chief Residents, Jeffrey Heiferman and Bailee Jacobsen! Now we have a designated duo to do all the administrative and organizational things we as a group are supposed to do, but no one really wants to, so thank you for that!




Congratulations to everyone, I hope the day brought good news! Here's to the beginning of the rest of your adventures!  To our third ever class and the Class of 2024: Welcome to the family, you complete us! We're excited to have you; now BUCKLE UP!


3/16/2021: Thanks to Dr Feliciano and Dr Donaldson for an EPIC sim session on perimortem C-sections!  It's not everyday where the attendings hand you a scalpel and tell you to cut the baby out! It's Arts and Crafts meets Medicine!

3/9/2021: Today we had a Sim Procedure day during conference where we got to brush up on some old skills as well as learn some new ones. Thanks to all the attendings, both from within and without Loyola who helped with this! 

3/8/2021: With the beginning of our new Rotation Block, we are sending our first PGY2 off to Mount Sinai Hospital to be part of their LEGENDARY SICU/Trauma team for a month!  Thanks to Mount Sinai for this opportunity, and we look forward to the experience!

3/2/2021: Today was our Residency Annual Wellness Day! We got to paint our wonderful class of PGY-Pets, and some our Attendings were even able to join us!  We're still wearing masks but as least we got to be together outside the hospital.  Extremely greatful to have this fantastic team that's looking out for us; they made this both possible and a ton of fun! 

February 2021

2/3/2021: Congratulations to our Attending Dr Brian Barbas for winning the National Faculty Mentor of the Year Award from AAEMRSA!  Extremely well deserved!

January 2021

1/22/2021: And that's a wrap on interview season! It was fun (but kind of weird) to meet everyone (online). Hopefully we'll be able to see each other face to face in the years to come. Best of luck to everyone throughout this process!

1/2/2021: Hope everyone had a nice holiday season and a Happy New Year! Our resolution: to have a better 2021!  It's been a rough year, but hopefully better things are around the corner for everyone. Here's to putting 2020 behind us! We're looking forward to seeing what the next year brings (hope is triumphing over experience in our corner, we'll see how this approach goes).

December 2020

12/8: Today's Grand Rounds featured Dr Jose Biller who gave a timely and informative presentation on the Neurological Complications of COVID. Thank your for your teaching and your time!

November 2020

Interview season is now underway! While we won't be seeing the black suits in the hallways this year, we're still excited to meet everyone! Best of luck this cycle!

11/26: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! While the holidays are usually stressful, they seem especially so this year. Hang in there, and STAY SAFE (and keep everyone around you safe too). 

11/10: Thanks to Dr Julie Fitzgerald from the Loyola Pediatric Department for delivering a great EM Grand Rounds on Pediatric TBI Management for us today!

September 2020

9/15: Shoutout to our PGY-2 Dr Shannon Sparrow who spoke at this years Chicago Windy City (combined) EM conference! There's no picture of a TV screen on the wall to post this time, but she did an awesome job!

And Dr Theresa Nguyen was our attending representative speaker at the conference. She gave a fantastic talk on language barriers in emergency care, something that we've all encountered at one time or another. It was definitely an interesting and educational day, but we still miss being able to say "hi" to our friends at the other residencies in the area. Maybe next year!

9/11: We've made some changes to our website! If you're looking for our photos, they're not gone; they're just under the new section titled "Residency Life" along with some new material. Pages about our faculty, alumni, and the bios for our residents have moved to the "Who We Are" tab. Lastly, updates for applicants will be transitioning over to the "Information for Applicants" tab. That will also be where our eventual page for FAQ's from applicants for residents (most obtained either via email or during info sessions) will be hosted.  The FAQ tab available on the sidebar will still contain the same general FAQs answered by our PD, Dr Snow (and updated for the 2020-2021 application season).

August 2020

8/27: Congratulations to our Bailee Jacobsen who spoke at ICEP's Resident Career Day today!  Her topic was combatting opioid use disorder from the ED with buprenorphine. Presenting over Zoom may be a new modality for these conferences, but she definitely handled it like a champ while bringing poise and professionalism to the screen.

8/11: Hats off to Dr Travis Wassermann (PGY2) and Dr Matt Baluzy (Attending) for giving the first ever Loyola EM residency CPC at weekly conference today!  It was a great presentation and will be a hard act to follow!

And congratulations to Dr Kathleen Neacy for winning the Outstanding Clinical Faculty award and to Dr Kristen Donaldson for winning the Outstanding Teaching Faculty award for the 2019-2020 academic year!  


July 2020

The Class of 2023 have officially joined us on campus! Over the next month, they'll get a crash course in the fundamentals of Emergency Medicine supplemented by hands-on skills sessions and shifts in the department. We're excited for them to join us and we foresee great things from them!

Welcome to the family!

May 2020

Everything is now in place for our residents to begin their Community EM experience at MacNeal Hospital, a high-volume and high-acuity emergency department that perfectly complements the experience at LUMC.

Similar to the Pedicatric and Immediate-Care (urgent care) experience, this will be a longitudinal experience, with 2-3 shifts per EM rotation spent at MacNeal. As with the Pediatric experience, the PGY1s will spend a 4-week rotation there to gain familiarity with the system.

April 2020

Please join us in welcoming the Loyola EM Class of 2023!

We are immensely proud & excited to be welcoming these physicians into our residency program. Thanks to everyone who played a part in this enormously important process.

As is becoming customary, we put together a welcome video to mark this achievement. We can't wait for July 1st to roll around!

February 2020

Committee Update (2/10/20)

We are proud to announce the following:

  • Dr. Travis Wassermann has been selected as the Chair-Elect for the EMRA International Committee
  • Dr. Bailee Jacobsen is now a member of the ICEP Social Emergency Medicine Committee

STEME Selection (2/10/20): (Specialty Tracks in Emergency Medicine Education)

  • Dr. Jeffrey Heiferman: Medical Education
  • Dr. Bailee Jacobsen: Global & Community Health
  • Dr. Josue Portillo: Ultrasound
  • Dr. Shannon Sparrow: Global & Community Health
  • Dr. Travis Wassermann: Administration
  • Dr. Andrea Yun: Global & Community Health

November 2019

We are proud to announce 2 former Stritch Graduates were recognized in the '45 under 45 top influencers in EM':

Dr. Seth Trueger
Dr. Alicia Kurtz

September 2019

We also want to congratulate our own PGY1 Dr. Andrea Yun for an excellent and engaging presentation at the Chicago Windy City (combined) EM conference on 9/18/19 at Resurrection.

She rocked it!

About our Residency Program

Program Director Introduction:

Virtual Tour (available on sidebar of website)

Welcome to the website for the Emergency medicine Residency Program at Loyola University Medical Center! 

We are a 3-year Emergency Medicine Residency Program, with 6 residents per year, founded in 2019. We are based at Loyola University Medical Center (LUMC), just outside of the city of Chicago, in Maywood, IL.  

We have built a training program that draws from decades of cumulative experience within our Residency Leadership. Our mission is to Train EM Physicians for Excellence in Leadership, Care and Service. 

Some of the highlights of our program include: 

  • Exposure to incredible pathology & diversity in our patient population here at LUMC, a Level One Trauma Center & Quaternary Care Center 
  • Extensive Trauma experience, with a curriculum built through all 3 years of residency to give you the skills to run complex Trauma resuscitations 
  • Experience in LUMC’s Burn ICU, one of the largest in the region 
  • An extremely well established EMS relationship, with our Chair acting as the Medical Director for Region 8, which is one of the largest EMS regions in Illinois
  • Longitudinal Community EM experience at MacNeal Hospital, a high-volume and high-acuity emergency department that perfectly complements the experience at LUMC 
  • Integrated shifts at one of our Immediate Medical Centers (Urgent-Care), allowing exposure to the lower acuity patients that are increasingly harder to access for EM residents 
  • Bi-Monthly Simulation sessions in our high-fidelity, multi-room Simulation Center, with continued procedural teaching in our network of Skills Rooms 
  • A true leadership role in the mentorship and education of the students from our Stritch School of Medicine, with both on-shift and teaching sessions built into the curriculum 
  • Integrated Pediatric Shifts both in the role of Junior and Senior resident 
  • Specialty Tracks in Emergency Medicine (STEMEs) designed to expose you to specific areas in Emergency Medicine, helping you to gain exposure to these areas as you consider the next steps in your career (Read more about these on our Curriculum page, 'Specialty Tracks' tab)
  • Weekly conference designed to move away from multiple 1-hour lectures, and instead focusing on Simulation, small groups, team-based learning, and quick-hit didactics 
  • A full 4-week Orientation Rotation to start your residency, with team-building exercises, skills lab, simulation, meet & greets, and a 2-day Retreat with Program Leadership 
  • Funded National Conference attendance as both a PGY2 & PGY3 
  • A Chairman who is truly invested in the health and well-being of his residents 
  • A supportive family environment to help achieve everything you hope from your residency training 
  • A strong emphasis on teamwork in the ED, with clinical shifts built on a 1:1 model (1 resident to 1 attending) for the PGY1s, with the PGY 2.5 & PGY3s taking ownership of their teams, Pods, and any junior learners in these Pods 
  • Attending physicians with widely diverse backgrounds, including fellowship training in Emergency Ultrasound, Toxicology, Sports Medicine, and multiple leadership roles in both LUMC and the College of Medicine 
  • 24-hour per day Social Work support in our Emergency Department 

If you possess a pioneering spirit and want to be a leader in the field of Emergency Medicine, then we may be the program for you. 

Message from the Program Director of the Emergency Medicine Residency

David Snow, MDDavid C. Snow, MD, MSc, FACEP, FAAEM   Program Director

As you embark on the recruitment journey of the next few months, you will have many questions along the way. Some of these will be useful to you as you formulate your match list; “What kind of EM program am I looking for?”. Some of them will not be so useful; “How many inpatient floor months will I do at this program?”. 

Spreadsheets will likely be created, layered with rows and columns of data that you collect on your travels – number of ICU months, number of shifts, lengths of shifts, etc. Now this is all important information, but I think when the time comes to finalize your list there are only a few key questions to consider: 

  1. Do I like the people? 

  1. Will this program help me obtain the job/career I want after graduation? 

  1. Do I believe in the vision as stated by the Program Director & Department Chair? 

I believe the first question is answered by your gut feeling when you meet the residents and faculty during the pre-interview (now virtual) meet & greet, and of course the interview day itself. The changes caused by the pandemic will of course make this harder, but if you stay in touch with yourself during the times, I am confident this can still be answered during virtual discussions. 

The second question will be answered by the PD & the Chair, and possibly answered by data showcased to you during the interview day itself. 

The third question, in my opinion, is the most important. I think every applicant needs to take a long look at themselves and think about what they want to achieve with their career; How far do they want to go? How much do they want to be pushed to get there? Who do they want to be surrounded by? What type of patients do they want to care for? There are so many questions that you need to consider answering before you accept an interview at a residency program. Knowing what our program is about, what defines it, what our vision is – all of these together will help you answer whether we may be the right residency for you. 

Loyola University Medical Center is a quaternary care hospital. It is a large academic teaching hospital, complete with a great many residency & fellowship programs, and an academic affiliation with the Stritch School of Medicine. Teaching, service, learning, support and patient care is at the heart of this institution. 

Key to our vision is the strength of our residents. Put simply, we want to train EM Physicians to be leaders in the field of Emergency Medicine – be it in the care they provide, the scholarly activity they pursue, the service they give, or the teaching they deliver. Leaders need to be highly trained, need to command the respect of those around them, and need to be able to teach those around them. Helping you develop these characteristics is what we will strive to do. 

We have built an outstanding curriculum, with rotations built around existing relationships in our ICUs and specialty services – rotations that have been honed and crafted over many years to create the very best educational models. On top of this we are building on our relationships with many of our colleagues – trauma, anesthesia and many others to offer rotations that will give you every possible opportunity to develop the skills of patient care. 

Our didactics build on the experience that our leadership brings from so many different departments and residencies. It has been built from the ground-up with one goal: to utilize the latest educational methodology to enable you to immerse yourself in Emergency Medicine education for 3 years. Simulation (which we do twice per month in Stritch’s phenomenal Simulation Center), novel & interactive didactics, Team-Based & Small-Group learning – the days of multiple hours of powerpoint-driven 1-hour lectures are far behind us. 

We are also fortunate to have a faculty group rich in academic interests and scholarly pursuits. A review of their bios will show you how involved they are in the education of our LUMC residents & Stritch medical students, as well as our faculty colleagues, and how many awards they have won for their efforts. Despite not having an EM Residency until 2019, EM has been one of the most popular specialty choice for our Stritch students for several years now. Our faculty are already developed as teachers and mentors. They are ready to deliver the required education, both on and off shift, that you need to succeed. We are ready to hone your skills as teachers – something that is central to the vision of this residency. Teaching each other, teaching our faculty, our nurses, and our medical students is a required part of this residency. We will help you develop the bedside and podium skills to be truly excellent educators. 

An important question for any Program Director is: “What type of resident are you looking to recruit?”, “What type are you hoping to graduate?”. The answers to these are inherently connected. The type of resident that will flourish in this program is one with strong leadership traits, a pioneering spirit, and a strong work ethic. These are the characteristics we are looking for in our future residents. 

You will be the physician that takes the name of our department and showcases its capabilities to the many services and units in our hospital. You will take our name and lead patient care efforts both in and out of the hospital. Our hope is that you take it after residency and continue to push the field of Emergency Medicine forward. This is our vision. Consider your own. If you want to be a part of the history of a program, I hope our paths cross soon. 

Message from the Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine

Mark Cichon, MD

Mark E. Cichon, D.O., FACEP/FACOEP (dist)
Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine

Why Loyola…..and why now?

This question was asked of me by my staff, administration, and by the site inspector from the ACGME. In fact outside of our department these two questions were asked by many when they learned we were moving forward with an EM residency. Inside the department our faculty asked the question in a little different way: “why not Loyola…..and why not now?”

The Department of Emergency Medicine – Loyola University Chicago – Stritch School of Medicine has an infrastructure and programmatic design to ensure a fantastic EM training experience. Our clinical experience, educational program and research opportunities are such to provide diversity in your formation as an EM physician.

As a primary ED to our community we see many similar cases as our community colleagues in their institutions; essential to competencies. As a secondary ED receiving patients from our various ambulatory clinics your experiences gains the added benefit of other physicians providing their insight into your clinical coordination of this patient subset. As a tertiary referral center for trauma, stroke, burns, and pediatric ICU your education and clinical experiences have the added expertise of our faculty colleagues guiding you within your own institution. And finally our quaternary ED patients who have undergone transplants, LVADs, advanced cancer treatments, complex orthopedic, spine, cardiac, and neurosurgical services will ensure your comfort and skills in addressing emergent concerns in these unique complex cases.

Clinical competency is only one aspect of your development. Other areas of ongoing development as a department include:

  • Our EM Female Faculty Forum to address issues and concerns in regards to gender equality and parity.
  • Opportunities within the department for fellowship development through our experiences in EMS, Toxicology, Sports Medicine, Ultrasound, and Medical Education enable you to have options for the future.
  • Concern for resident life has resulted in dedicated resources for work-life balance, ongoing educational programs for your development, and physician wellness.

Our faculty have dedicated their careers to the advancement of the specialty of Emergency Medicine through the education of our students and residents. You will be joining a team where the expectation of its members is our ability to be a resource 24/7. Much like other programs in EM, you will be in a cadre of physicians always available to patients, always a resource to colleagues, and always ready for whatever our community encounters in emergent challenges.

Thank you for your interest in our program and our department. Whatever your choice, on behalf of myself and the faculty of our department, welcome to the exciting field of Emergency Medicine!

Calendar of Events