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Hepatology and Liver Disease

Mission Statement

The mission of the division of hepatology at Loyola Medicine is to advance patient care, science and education in liver disease. To achieve these goals, we are committed to providing:

  • Outstanding, personalized patient care
  • Breakthroughs in laboratory and clinical research regarding the causes, prevention and treatment of liver diseases
  • Excellence in teaching and training clinicians and scientists in patient care and research in liver disease

Loyola’s hepatology program has earned a national reputation for excellent care. Our hepatologists, or liver disease experts, are leaders in their field and board-certified in gastroenterology and hepatology, as well as transplant hepatology. Our group specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all forms of acute and chronic liver disease.

Our specialists have developed effective, nationally recognized treatment plans for hard-to-treat and advanced cases of hepatitis B, hepatitis C and hepatocellular carcinoma. Additionally, the team is skilled in treating all aspects of liver disease, including cholestatis, autoimmune hepatitis, alcohol-induced liver injury and acute liver failure.

Transplant Specialists

When transplant surgery appears to be the necessary medical treatment, you will be carefully evaluated in the liver transplant clinic. We provide an integrated team approach; your team will include hepatologists, liver transplant surgeons, interventional radiologists, transplant coordinators, psychologists, social workers, nutrition experts, pharmacists, chaplains and financial counselors. Our collaborative team will provide expert care through your preparation and waiting for a transplant, as well as your liver transplant surgery and in the years that follow.


Loyola’s hepatology team is currently pursuing research to provide new therapeutic options for our patients. Our program’s research expertise includes treatment options for liver transplant, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, liver cancer and fatty liver disease.

For Referring Physicians

We value referrals from our community partners and consult with referring physicians on the care of their patients. To refer a patient, please call 85-LiverDoc (855-483-7362). Also, please check out our secure health information portal, LoyolaConnect.