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Fully Implanted Hearing Aids

Loyola is a leader in offering the newest generation of fully implantable hearing aids. For patients whose hearing loss is too significant to benefit from conventional hearing aids, an implanted hearing aid may be recommended by your Loyola audiologist or otolaryngologist. This advanced device is surgically placed in the middle ear, with no visible parts. 

The system uses the natural ear to pick up sound. The device senses vibrations of the eardrum and turns them into electrical signals. These signals are sent to a sound processor, which adjusts the signals to meet the needs of the user. The improved signals then are sent to a device that mechanically stimulates a tiny bone called the stapes. The stapes, in turn, stimulates the cochlea.

A Loyola surgeon was among the first in the Chicago area to implant the device, and Loyola has provided more of these devices to patients than any other center in the Midwest. The device has had a profound, life-changing effect on patients.