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Cancer Surgery (Surgical Oncology)

Surgical Treatments for Cancer

Cancer surgery, also known as surgical oncology, is one of a number of cancer treatment options at Loyola Medicine. Our fellowship-trained cancer surgeons specialize exclusively in the diagnosis, biopsy and surgical removal of many types of cancer.    

Loyola’s cancer surgeons work closely with doctors in medical oncology, hematology and radiation therapy to create an interdisciplinary team and provide you the best possible cancer care. Our goal is to remove your cancer, or as much of your cancer as possible. At Loyola, the most progressive cancer treatments are available, including robotic surgery and other advanced procedures.

In addition to performing surgery, our surgical oncologists also perform ongoing cancer research and teach medical students at the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine.

Why Choose Loyola Medicine for Cancer Surgery?

All of Loyola’s cancer surgeons are fellowship-trained, which means they have received additional years of surgical oncology training at nationally renowned programs. When you choose a Loyola surgical oncologist, you will have a doctor with expertise in performing these unique cancer treatments. This gives you the best possible chance for a successful outcome.

Our team’s dedication to research and exposure to the latest, state-of-the-art procedures puts our cancer surgery team on the cutting edge of surgical cancer care.

What Does a Cancer Surgeon Do?

Cancer surgeons at Loyola are specially trained to diagnose, biopsy and surgically treat a wide range of cancers, including:

Specialized Cancer Surgeries

Loyola’s cancer surgeons perform many advanced surgeries, including:

  • Cryoablation of liver tumors
  • Infusional hepatic chemotherapy for liver cancer
  • Limb salvage and limb preservation procedures for soft tissue sarcoma
  • Liver surgery and liver resection for primary and metastatic carcinoma
  • Robotic surgery to reduce healing time and pain 
  • Whipple procedure for pancreatic cancer

Surgical Oncology Research

Surgical oncologists at Loyola are studying the role of sentinel lymph node biopsy in the management of regional failure of metastatic melanoma. Learn more about our cancer research.