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Orthopaedic Support Services

Education and Support From Orthopaedic Surgery Through Recovery

If you are recovering from an injury or orthopaedic surgery, Loyola Medicine provides a multitude of support services and resources to guide you from pre-surgery education through post-surgery rehabilitation and recovery.

Loyola’s orthopaedic specialists provide advanced care in state-of-the-art facilities with a network of support services including knowledgeable nurses, rehabilitation specialists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers and pain control experts.

Loyola’s orthopaedic support programs include:

  • Aquatic therapy — With outpatient aquatic therapy, the buoyancy, support and water resistance will help you to regain strength and range of motion impaired by a range of musculoskeletal conditions. In a pool, you are able to walk and run without having to bear all of your weight, allowing you to start rehabilitation earlier. Exercises in the pool are also easier on the joints and provide several levels of resistance.
  • Case management — If you need extra help during your recovery, we will assign a case manager or social worker to arrange home care, home medical equipment and other assistance. Our goal is to help you make a speedy and comfortable recovery.
  • Diabetic foot care — Patients with diabetes can develop minor foot problems that can worsen over time. Loyola’s program will give you the tools to manage your diabetes and show you how to monitor symptoms, preventing minor issues from turning into a serious problem. Learn more about diabetic foot care.
  • Hand therapy — Loyola’s physical therapists help patients recover from a range of hand and upper extremity injuries, including traumatic industrial and crush injuries, replantations, amputations, tendon lacerations and other serious injuries. Hand therapy is also part of a treatment plan for pain syndromes and cumulative trauma disorders. Learn more about hand therapy.
  • Occupational therapy — Loyola’s team of certified therapists will provide evaluation and therapy services focused on the tasks and movements associated with daily living. We take a multidisciplinary approach to provide outpatient occupational therapy and will help you regain your independence. In addition, we offer services for adults trying to return to the workplace after an accident, injury or medical condition, including functional capacity evaluations and job site visits. Learn more about occupational therapy.
  • Physical therapy — Loyola’s certified physical therapists provide outpatient and inpatient evaluations, rehabilitation and treatment for a variety of acute and chronic conditions. Our dedicated staff will educate and assist you in achieving your rehabilitation goals. We offer balance and coordination training, conditioning and endurance exercises, range of motion therapy, gait analyses and training, prosthetic training and pain management, among other services. Our staff will also help you if you are trying to return to the workplace after an accident, injury or medical condition by providing functional capacity evaluations and work evaluations. Our program emphasizes an individualized approach with tailored treatments. Learn more about physical therapy.
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery services — Plastic surgeons at Loyola perform reconstructive surgical procedures to correct congenital problems and help patients who have endured traumatic injuries. Loyola’s hand surgery team corrects finger deformities such as Dupuytren’s contracture, extra digits or webbed fingers. Learn more about plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  • Preparation for joint replacement — If you undergo a hip replacement or knee replacement, you may participate in a class led by orthopaedic nurses, physical therapists and social workers. The class helps you understand the complexities of your surgery, set expectations for recovery and determine your discharge planning needs (such as outpatient physical therapy). We will also identify whether you will need any special equipment at home after surgery.
  • Rehabilitation services — Loyola offers a full range of comprehensive orthopaedic rehabilitation services for patients who are recovering from an injury or surgery. We offer inpatient and outpatient support, in addition to physical and occupational therapy. Learn more about orthopaedic rehabilitation.
  • Sports injury prevention and performance — Loyola is a leader in promoting safe play in the Chicago area and educating athletes, coaches, trainers and community and school groups. In one-on-one screenings, we use state-of-the-art motion technology to analyze an athlete’s throwing or running mechanics. We conduct ACL tear prevention programs for high school and collegiate teams in the area. Loyola also works with runners, dancers, golfers and overhead throwing athletes such as baseball and basketball players. Learn more about our sports injury prevention and performance program.
  • Sports rehabilitation — Loyola’s sports rehabilitation team provides customized therapy services for athletes and active people. If you've had an injury, we'll work to return you to your sport quickly and safely. We offer tool-assisted therapy treatments to aid in soft-tissue mobilization. Learn more about sports rehabilitation.