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Loyola Medicine is now offering the ability for patients to have outpatient clinic visits conducted virtually by telephone or a video chat application on your smartphone, tablet or computer (equipped with camera and microphone).

If you are interested in changing your existing appointment to a virtual visit, please contact your physician’s office to schedule.

Because of the high number of calls we are experiencing due to COVID-19, we ask that you please wait until 2 business days before your currently scheduled appointment to see if your visit can be conducted virtually.

For additional questions about COVID-19 or telehealth visits, call us at 888-584-7888.

What telehealth services are Loyola Medicine offering during the COVID-19 outbreak?

  • Loyola Medicine is offering two types of virtual visits at this time:
    • Video visits
    • Telephone visits
  • The choice between a video visit and telephone visit depends on your preference, whether you are a new or established patient for the doctor you are seeing, and your medical needs.

What do I need to have at home to have a video visit?

  • You need to have a computer, tablet or smartphone that has both a camera and a microphone.
  • You will need internet access or data service on your smartphone with a strong enough signal to conduct a video chat.
  • Depending on the application used by your physician, you may need to download an app to your device prior to the visit.

What do I need to do prior to my virtual visit?

In order to have a streamlined and successful virtual visit, Loyola Medicine recommends you do the following before your visit:

  1. Sign up for myLoyola. Your care team will use this to send you weblinks to launch your video visit.
  2. Complete your virtual check-in.
    1. About 30-60 minutes before your appointment time, a service representative will call your phone number on file to complete your virtual check-in.
    2. Have your insurance information and a credit card available (in case you have a copay or coinsurance) for the virtual check in.
    3. You can also complete part of your check in process and pay for copays using myLoyola before your appointment to speed up your virtual check-in process.

Will I have to pay for a virtual visit?

Many insurance companies have unique coverage for telehealth during the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S. Check with your insurance provider or speak with our financial counselors to confirm how your plan is covering these types of visits.

Are there certain video applications that Loyola Medicine uses for video visits?

  • At this time due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Loyola Medicine providers are conducting video visits using publicly available video chat applications. is the preferred video chat application at Loyola Medicine as it is the most secure video chat application available at this time.
  • With the use of other video chat applications (like FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts Video, etc.) there is a risk of unsecure transmission of the communication between you and your health care provider.
  • Loyola Medicine does NOT use Facebook Live, Twitch, TikTok or similar video communication applications that are public facing for video visits.

How do I start my virtual visit?

  1. About 30-60 minutes before your appointment, a service representative will call you to complete your virtual check-in.
  2. After virtual check-in is completed, your Loyola Medicine health care provider will:
    1. Call you to start your telephone visit (for telephone visits)
    2. Send you a weblink through myLoyola (for video visits)
  3. Please note that your virtual visit may start 1-2 hours after you complete your virtual check-in.

How do I start a video visit with my Loyola Medicine provider?

  1. Open the weblink sent to you by your Loyola Medicine provider using a web browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone that is equipped with both a camera and a microphone.
  2. Enter your name on the screen that appears and click “Check in.”

    Loyola Medicine Telehealth example

  3. Enable the camera on your device if you want to have a video visit. Otherwise, click “continue without camera” if you want a telephone visit only.

    Loyola Medicine Telehealth example

  4. You will now be placed in the doctor’s “virtual waiting room.” Once the doctor is ready to see you, the visit will automatically begin.

    Loyola Medicine Telehealth example

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