Pulmonary and Critical Care Conferences | Loyola Medicine

Pulmonary and Critical Care Conferences

Didactic Lecture Series

This weekly lecture series covers core topics in pulmonary and critical care medicine.

Pulmonary and Critical Care Grand Rounds

This weekly conference is based on presentations by fellows, faculty and outside speakers. The fellow is assigned to present a pulmonary and critical care topic and provide an in-depth review of the literature.

Journal Club

This conference meets weekly. Faculty and fellows present peer-reviewed articles relating to pulmonary and critical care for discussion of methods, results, and importance to the field.

Radiology Rounds

This is a weekly conference held on Tuesday mornings. Fellows and faculty present interesting cases from the ambulatory care clinics and clinical services for review and discussion.

Research Conference

Fellows present their research projects annually to faculty and fellows.

Sleep Grand Rounds

Monthly conference. Speakers include our faculty and outside speakers discussing current topics in sleep medicine.

Thoracic Oncology Conference

Physicians present cases of lung cancer for review and discussion from pulmonary medicine, oncology, thoracic surgery, pathology, and radiation therapy. Conference is held separately at both Hines VA and Loyola.


During the year, various workshops will be provided. These include the following:

  • Respiratory Care Equipment
  • Communication skills
  • Airway management
  • Lung Pathology
  • Chest Radiology

Multidisciplinary Case Conference

Conference is held monthly and fellows present 3-4 cases. Pathologist discusses the transbronchial or open lung biopsies and radiologists discuss the CT/CXR findings. Fellows then summarize and highlight the clinical pearls

Interstitial lung disease Case Discussion

This is a multidisciplinary discussion of patients seen in the ILD clinic with ILD specialist, radiologist and pathologist.