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Orthopaedic Surgery Education

Orthopaedic Surgery Conferences

A series of formal educational experiences have been developed to ensure appropriate education for attendings, residents and students. This program uses a wide range of educational formats. Your active participation in these formal education opportunities should be paramount. It is expected that each resident staff will actively participate in these educational experiences. Senior residents may be asked to present pertinent cases to the department conferences. Each PGY 5 & PGY 4 resident is expected to give one formal Grand Rounds presentation to their peers each academic year. Many of these sessions are interactive and their success is highly dependent upon active participation by the resident and attending staff.

Resident attendance at conferences is expected. It is expected that clinical responsibilities will be addressed in anticipation of meeting attendance. Emergency patient care needs may on rare occasion necessitate one resident missing a portion of that day’s educational program. Routine patient care, elective surgery or ambulatory care activities are not to be carried out while conferences are in session.

A number of conferences take place on a regular basis:

Fracture Conference – The Conference takes place each Wednesday morning. A fracture topic is scheduled. Articles distributed to residents in advance of the conference. Residents discuss cases. Attendance is excellent at this conference with the majority of department attendings in regular attendance. Resident and attending conference participation is verified both a sign-in sheet and an electronic scan device.

Spine Conference - Each month the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation holds an hour long Spine Conference on Wednesday morning. Attendings and residents participate in this conference. A presentation by an attending or resident is followed by general discussion of clinical cases.

Hand Conference - From 6:30 AM until 7:30 AM Wednesday morning, Hand Journal Club includes participation by attendings from Orthopaedic Surgery and Plastic Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery residents and occupational therapists discuss 3 to 5 articles from a recent journal. Current clinical cases are also presented. There is a rotating schedule of responsibilities for the conferences between residents, attendings and therapists. This conference is usually attended by between 8 to 12 individuals.

Orthopaedic Grand Rounds - Orthopaedic Grand Rounds are held each Thursday morning from 7:30 AM to 9 AM. Each PGY-4 and PGY-5 resident presents one conference topic each year. Each full-time faculty member also presents one conference each year. All residents and full-time faculty members attend grand Rounds sessions.

VA Indications Conference - Every week, the senior resident on the VA service will present cases for the coming week as well as review cases that were done in the prior week. The senior resident will highlight one case that he is prepared to present in detail with history, imaging studies, lab results, etc. These highlighted cases are to be presented in the format of an oral boards presentation. As time allows, other cases will be reviewed as well.

Basic Science Conference - Basic Science Conferences are held the second Thursday a month from 10 AM to 11 AM. The curriculum for these conferences is based upon the AAOS Orthopaedic Basic Science text. Doctors Wezeman and Patwardhan direct the Basic Science Conferences.

Anatomy - Eight anatomy sessions are held in July, thru October each year. These Thursday morning sessions from 9 AM to 11:30 AM typically begin with a didactic faculty presentation followed by cadaver dissection in the medical school anatomy laboratories.

Orthopaedic Journal Club - This one hour monthly conference, held on Thursday morning, focuses discussion on 6 or 7 recent journal articles. The attending responsible for the month's Journal Club selects articles from a recent Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery and from a recent specialty journal of his choice. Residents are assigned articles for discussion. The conference is attended by all residents and by the majority of attendings.

Core Knowledge - This conference is a two-hour sub-specialty group discussion led by the faculty. This interactive discussion takes place November – June, two or three times a month. Attendance includes all faculty on service, all residents, students on orthopaedic services and the department chairman.

Morning Trauma Review – Each morning trauma cases evaluated in the emergency department during the previous 24 hours are presented and reviewed.

Quality Improvement Conference - this one-hour monthly conference held on Thursday morning provides a forum for discussion of clinical cases treated at Loyola or Hines in which adverse outcomes occurred. All in hospital and perioperative deaths are reviewed. Ongoing quality improvement activities are discussed. All residents and full-time faculty members are expected to attend this meeting.

Chairman's Hour - This one-hour monthly conference, held on Thursday morning, is an interactive discussion of ethical and practice issues. Attendance includes all residents, students on orthopaedic services and the department chairman. Among recent topics discussed are "The Impaired Surgeon" and "Medico-legal Considerations." This conference also provides a regular forum for resident input regarding educational and clinical issues.

Visiting Professor Programs

Three visiting lectures occur each year.

  • The Blair Lecture in Hand Surgery
  • The Callahan Lecture in Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery
  • The Schwartz Lecture in Adult Reconstruction
  • The Orlov Lecture in Musculoskeletal Oncology
  • The Walgreen Lecture in Sports Medicine
  • The Bunch Lecture in Ethics

The visiting professor provides didactic presentations and reviews case studies presented by residents. These sessions usually last from 8 AM to noon. Residents, faculty, alumni and community physicians attend the sessions.

William Dobozi Senior Thesis Day

Each May or June all clinical activities are suspended for one day. Residents, attendings, alumni and visiting professors convene off campus for a day of resident, attending and visiting professor presentations. The academic day usually begins at 8 AM and concludes at 5 PM. A graduation dinner takes place in the evening.