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Cardiothoracic Surgery

Advanced Surgical Care for All Cardiothoracic Disorders and Diseases

Expert surgical treatment for minor repairs to complex conditions

Loyola’s cardiothoracic surgery team offers a variety of complex coronary, valvular, structural, aortic and thoracic surgeries. From aortic aneurysm repairs to heart or lung transplants, you can expect a high level of interdisciplinary collaboration to address your cardiothoracic condition or disease.  

Advanced open surgery performed in these areas can repair or replace damaged valves, repair weakened heart muscle or defects and restore blood blow in blocked arteries. Cardiothoracic surgery also includes complex surgery that requires intensive training and experience from your medical team, such as a heart or lung transplant.

Our Care Team

    quote You can’t find a team better than what we experienced.
    Christopher Canaday
    Loyola Medicine heart transplant patient

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