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The Oncology Institute and Cancer Research Program at Loyola

Groundbreaking Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

The Oncology Institute at Loyola Medicine is recognized for its integrative approach to the research and implementation of cutting-edge cancer treatments and therapies. Created as part of the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, the Oncology Institute is designed to provide structure to the development of a truly multidisciplinary cancer research and clinical trial program.
Whether you have been diagnosed with cancer for the first time, or are a recurrent cancer patient, Loyola offers you the opportunity for new, innovative cancer treatment options. As a nationally recognized academic medical center, Loyola has access to cutting-edge drugs and cancer therapies that are not available at many other hospitals and cancer treatment centers. 
Our priority is to find the optimal way to treat you, improve your quality of life and increase the cure rates of our cancer patients.

Why Choose Loyola for Cancer Research and Clinical Trials?

Loyola’s highly skilled clinical researchers lead and develop major national studies that directly influence the prevention of disease, course of treatment, survival and quality of life. We are committed to a multidisciplinary, integrated approach for all of our cancer services. 
Loyola is proud to offer specialized cancer research programs, including:

Loyola’s cancer team also boasts a unique collaboration with its oncology pharmacists, who ensure the safe and effective delivery of life-saving chemotherapy and supportive care therapies to patients. The pharmacy staff plays an active role in the education of patients and healthcare staff on the appropriate use of medication for the treatment of cancer. Other pharmaceutical care services offered to patients include drug interaction screening, drug use monitoring and collaboration with medical and nursing staff in clinical research programs.

Clinical Trials Benefit Future Cancer Treatments

The cancer therapies used at Loyola today are made possible by patients who volunteer to help researchers find them. Clinical trials help us find new and advanced ways to treat cancer and other diseases and improve survival rates.

Loyola offers you the opportunity to volunteer for clinical trials that involve the investigation of new treatment strategies and therapies that may include one or a combination of the following:

All of the clinical trials at Loyola go through two levels of internal review before being offered to patients. Loyola’s investigators in clinical cancer research have participated in more than 200 studies since 1995 in the areas of:

Find a complete list of our current clinical trials and learn how to participate in the future of cancer research.