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Hospital Medicine

Exceptional Care for Hospitalized Patients

Loyola Medicine’s hospital medicine physicians, also known as hospitalists, provide comprehensive and compassionate care to patients admitted to the hospital. Hospitalists are board-certified in internal medicine, with additional training in inpatient care. Like internists, hospitalists have undergone extensive training to diagnose and treat complex illnesses, as well as manage the prevention of illnesses. They are equipped to see new patients hospitalized for a multitude of reasons on a daily basis.

When patients are admitted to the hospital, one of Loyola’s expert hospitalists will tend to their medical care during the hospital stay, as well as communicate with their primary care physician or specialist regarding inpatient care. Your healthcare team will collaborate to provide you with the best possible care and most effective and advanced treatment available.

Hospitalists provide a wide range of services to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases while you are in our care. Your hospitalist care team can keep you comfortable with pain management, provide appropriate testing to monitor your condition and consult with you and your family on the next steps for treatment. Loyola provides expert care for common ailments and chronic conditions, including:

Why Choose Loyola for Hospital Medicine?

Doctors specializing in hospital care have improved inpatient medical care and decreased length of stay by creating standardized protocols for all hospital-based healthcare providers to follow.

At Loyola, our hospitalists use an integrated approach to care for hospitalized patients by working with family, the patient’s medical team and other specialists to manage current needs and plan long term goals. The hospital medicine doctors at Loyola rely on their expertise and compassion to treat not only the patient in the hospital, but also the whole patient beyond his or her stay.