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Incoming Housestaff

Orientation Information

Congratulations and welcome to Loyola!

All of your onboarding documentation will be done through an online process. Your coordinators will be available to help you with any questions along the way. A listing of program coordinators can be found here

Incoming housestaff will be expected to attend a mandatory Institutional GME Orientation. Your Program Coordinator will share more information about this as well as departmental orientation activities and VA Orientation. Orientation will be held June 19-21 or June 26-28. We will hold a one day orientation for programs starting on August 1. 

View a map of the Maywood campus.

In order to successfully sign up for parking you will have the opportunity to register online in June. 


For a list of your benefit options, please refer to the Benefits booklet. For more information about benefits please visit the Trinity Health benefits page

You will be asked to make a selection at the time of orientation. Please note that you are responsible for completing the benefits forms in order to ensure coverage during your training period at Loyola. All trainees are entitled to the benefits outlined in the Benefits Addendum attached to your GME Agreement- issued in late spring. 

You may add, change or drop coverage ONLY during the annual open enrollment period, which is held once a year, in the fall, unless you have a loss of coverage or a change in family status. Changes in family status include marriage, divorce, birth, adoption or death. 


Housestaff must hold and maintain a valid and current Illinois license. Permanent and temporary licensure applications are the exclusive responsibility of the house officer.

The licensure application process requires six to eight weeks from the receipt of the application by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

Applications for Temporary and Permanent Illinois medical license can be found on the IDFPR website. Information and instructions for both temporary and permanent license applications can be found on the IDFPR website.

All residency programs and one year ACGME Accredited fellowships are eligible to apply for a temporary medical license. All fellowships greater than one year require a permanent Illinois medical license. 


Permanent licenses

To qualify for permanent medical licensure in Illinois you must have completed at least two years of graduate medical education training in the United States or Canada and have passed all three USMLE Step/NBOME exams or exams appropriate to your specialty as determined by the governing board/agency.

  • The application for permanent licensure contains a form titled Authorization for Third Party Contact. You should complete this form and submit it with your application if you would like your coordinator to be able to contact IDFPR on your behalf. IDFPR will not release any information on your permanent license application without the submission of this form. 

Please follow the link for the online license application


U.S. Medical Licensing Examination Step 3

Step 3 is the final exam in the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination sequence and is required for permanent licensure in Illinois.  

Requirements to take Step 3: 

  • Possess an MD, DO or equivalent degree. (For recent graduates, apply only after the date of graduation on your diploma.)
  • Pass USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Step 2 CS
  • If a graduate of a medical school outside of US and Canada, obtain ECFMG certification or successfully complete a Fifth Pathway program.
  • An applicant must meet all eligibility requirements prior to submitting their application.

NOTE:  The USMLE program recommends that, for Step 3 eligibility, applicants should have completed, or be near completion, of at least one postgraduate training year in a US-accredited graduate medical education program that meets state board licensing requirements.  If you plan on testing in 2018, please read the 2019 USMLE Bulletin of Information.

Please follow this link for more information and instructions on how to apply USMLE Step 3 Application.


State controlled substances registration

While you are a member of Loyola's House Staff, you will be issued a temporary DEA number, a Federal DEA number is not required under normal circumstances. 

If you would like to apply for a Federal DEA number or to use a previously issued DEA number in Illinois, you must first apply for a State Controlled Substance License when applying for a Permanent Medical License through IDFPR. 

To apply,  please complete the application for State Controlled Substances Registration. You will need to list Loyola University Medical Center as your business address (2160 S. First Avenue, Maywood , IL 60153) and circle all drug schedule options. 

Mail the completed application along with a separate $5 check, made payable to IDFPR to:

The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
Attention: Division of Professional Regulation
PO Box 7007
Springfield, IL 62791
Your Controlled Substance License will be mailed to the Loyola GME office. Upon receipt of this you may apply for your Federal DEA license through the DEA website.


Required Documents and Due Dates

Congratulations on matching with Loyola University Medical Center!

Prior to the beginning of your house-staff agreement and the commencement of your training there are several required tasks  you must complete and deadlines you must adhere to. Any delay in completing these requirements or missing deadlines may result in a delay of your training start date. All of these documents will be provided to you and returned through an online system. They are provided here only for reference. 

If you have any questions regarding the following required documents or due dates please contact your program coordinator.

Checklist #1: 

The following forms and documents must be returned to your program coordinator via the online checklist in New Innovations:

LUMC requires all incoming trainees to have American Heart Association approved Basic Life Support Certification. The requirement for Advanced Cardiac Life Support and/or Pediatric Advanced Life Support certifications are program specific – please contact your program coordinator if you are unsure as to what certifications are required for your program.

If you are not currently BLS, ACLS and/or PALS certified or your current certification will expire before December 2022 you will need to register for these courses and provide copies of your certification cards.

Loyola's EMS Department offers these courses to our incoming residents in June.            

If you choose to take the courses offered at Loyola please contact the AHA Training Center or Nev Todorovic, Administrative Assistant EMS or 708-327-2547.  

Class Information is at

You will be required to provide a form of payment (either by check or credit card) but you will not be charged for the courses as long as you attend the entire course and return your materials.

Class space is limited and will be on a first come first serve basis. Please submit your registration forms AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

If you choose to complete your certification outside Loyola it must be an American Heart Association course and you must provide copies of your cards to your coordinator upon completion.

Employee Health Requirements

Employee Health Services requires all employees to meet specific requirements and complete required documents prior to the start of employment. For more information regarding these requirements and links to the forms please view the following letter from the Medical Director of Employee Health Services. All incoming house staff must schedule a pre-employement appointment with Employee Health. This appointment can be made by calling central appointment scheduling at 1-888-LUHS-888. Please note, you can make your appointment now for any time between April 1 and June 17 (for June 22 starts) or June 24 (for July 1 starts). When making your appointment, please request a new hire exam for a resident/fellow.

You must complete the Health Questionnaire and the Fit Test form and bring them and your immunizations with you to your appointment. 

Checklist #2

The following forms and documents must be returned to your program coordinator via the online checklist in New Innovations (unless specified below):

  • Official, original medical school transcripts with degree date posted. Transcripts can be sent via secured email directly from your school to: Please note only transcripts sent directly from your institution via secured services such as Parchment or TranscriptsNetwork, will be accepted electronically.
    • You must submit TWO official transcripts if you have not yet submitted final transcripts with degree date posted to IDFPR for your licensure application.
    • Recent medical school graduates will need to provide a copy of their written request for release of transcripts if transcripts are not available by May 31.
    • Fellows: Please submit ONE original medical school transcript.
    • All documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by an original translation. 
  • Copies of completion certificates from current and previous U.S. graduate medical education training programs (if applicable).
  • Transfer Resident Evaluation Summary, to be completed by current program director if you are transferring from another residency training program or starting a fellowship immediately following residency.
  • Please review the 2018/19 Benefits Booklet
  • Online Computer Training: Information regarding these requirements, including Healthstream login information, will be provided by your coordinator sometime in May. You will be required to submit proof of completion:
    • Annual Physician Safety Exam
    • Annual Disclosure Statement
    • Electronic Medical Record (Epic) training

Visa Application Information

The J-1 sponsorship process

Congratulations on matching at Loyola University Medical Center (LUMC). As you are aware, LUMC accepts J-1 exchange visitors sponsored through the Exchange Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). For information regarding the initial sponsorship process, please review the following document: Initial J-1 Visa Sponsorship Process

Your program coordinator and our Training Program Liaison (TPL) will also be able to assist you through this process and help answer questions you may have.

For more information regarding J-1 Visa sponsorship, the application process and/or ECFMG, please visit the links below:


If you are transferring from one program to another program at Loyola, all documents will be distributed to you via an online checklist. All documents will be due to your new program coordinator on June 1. 

  • Graduate Medical Education Application
  • Consent & Release Form
  • Self Certification of Continuous Service (VA)
  • Completed Housestaff Agreement (contract).
  • Work with your new program coordinator to determine your licensing requirements (fellowships greater than 1 year require a permanent license).
  • Work with both your current and new program coordinator to confirm your end/start dates.
  • Submit copies of your BLS/ACLS certification cards to your coordinator.
  • You will need to complete a housestaff checkout form and complete the checkout process with your current coordinator. 
  • You are not required to attend GME orientation, your program may have separate orientation activities that are required. 
  • If you are going from resident to fellow, you will be able to go to parking to get a new ID after you start your new program. 
  • Your specialty should be changed in EPIC once you start your new program, if you have any issues, please contact the help desk.

Sample Contract

Download a sample contract



For a list of your benefit options, please refer to the Housestaff Benefits booklet

You will have 30 days from your hire date to elect benefits. Please note that you are responsible for making your benefits election in Workday in order to ensure coverage during your training period at Loyola. All trainees are entitled to the benefits outlined in the Benefits Addendum which is part of the GME Agreement.


You may add, change or drop coverage ONLY during the annual open enrollment period, which is held once a year in the fall unless you have a loss of coverage or a change in family status. Changes in family status include marriage, divorce, birth, adoption or death. A change in coverage status due to loss of coverage or a change in family status must be made within 30 days of the event through the Human Resources office. 


All Loyola employees are automatically enrolled in a retirement plan. If you would like to opt-out of this 2% payroll deduction, you must contact Fidelity within 30 days of your start date.

COBRA Information

Please see the information about continuation of benefits from Human Resources. A Cobra packet will be mailed to your personal address listed in Workday after you checkout. Please make sure to update this information. 

Short and long-term disability

Disability insurance is offered by The Hartford Group. For more information on applying for a leave of absence, please contact the FMLA Team:


 2021-22 Stipends
PGY1  $            61,658.00
PGY2  $            65,643.00
PGY3  $            67,700.00
PGY4  $            71,128.00
PGY5  $            74,448.00
PGY6  $            77,458.00
PGY7  $            80,233.00
PGY8  $            82,397.00
PGY9  $            82,397.00
PGY10  $            82,397.00