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Quality and Safety Project Web Site

  1. Go to Application Portal and sign in:

    Screenshot of application portal home

  2. Click on Quality and Safety Projects (far right column)

    Screenshot of application portal

  3. You are now in the QSP Web where you will find:
    1. A user-friendly interactive website to assist anyone embarking on a quality and safety project
    2. Search functions for a catalog of ongoing and completed projects with links to primary researchers, subject tags, etc…
    3. Templated tools and other project resources for data collection and display (with descriptions of which tools would best suit your individual project) including IHI access and links
    4. Useful links to library resources allowing for easy access to possible publications for sharing your work (including rejection rates and impact factors for various journals)
    5. Direct link to Loyola IRB (most quality and safety projects will be granted IRB exemption, but this step needs to be done in the event you wish to present your project as a poster at a local venue)
    6. Updated lists of institutional quality and safety committees with committee chair contacts for experiential learning opportunities
    7. Links to local, regional and national meetings where you might share your scholarly work, turning projects into posters into publications!

      Screenshot of QSP Projects


Any questions, comments or suggestions, contact Amy Murray MD (amurra1@lumc.edu)

Special thanks to QSP Web Committee:

  • Jackie Heavey SSOM
  • Amy Murray (GME CLER Officer)
  • Peyman Farhangi Oskuei (SSOM grad and Anesthesiology PGY1)
  • Ben Kenny (Anesthesiology PGY3)
  • Tony Kurian (former Fellow VA Chief Resident in Quality and Safety)
  • Emanuel Eguia (Gen Surg PGY3)
  • Anne Marie Bertino (Attending/Hospitalist)
  • Meghan O'Halloran (Director CRQS)​